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Multifunction powder handling station compatible with SLS 3D printers and Sinterit peripherals.

The Sinterit Multifunction Powder Handling Station (MultiPHS) redefines efficiency and versatility in professional SLS 3D printing environments. In the realm of professional 3D printing, adaptability is crucial for achieving success. When making new investments, compatibility with current solutions is essential, avoiding the necessity for a complete overhaul of the entire system.

The Sinterit MultiPHS

Image 1: The Sinterit MultiPHS. Source: Sinterit.

MultiPHS has been crafted with this level of adaptability, offering users the liberty to select the most suitable post-processing solution that aligns with their specific requirements. This cutting-edge station stands as the pinnacle of powder handling technology, offering multiple features and enhancements to streamline the post-processing workflow with multiple materials and multiple printers.

Upgraded features and unmatched adaptability

Apart from overall improvements in UX/UI and workstation construction, some of the other newly integrated features with respect to the Sinterit PHS v2 include a lighter and more flexible hose, and a plexiglass cover that minimizes dust dispersion, enhancing work conditions while adhering to stringent safety standards.

The plexiglass cover keeps the workspace clean and protects the user from inhaling the powder

Image 2: The plexiglass cover keeps the workspace clean and protects the user from inhaling the powder. Source: Sinterit.

Another improvement is the movable tool holder instead of a fixed shelf, and an adjustable workspace grid that caters to printouts from an extensive range of printers, including the Lisa, Lisa Pro, LisaX, NILS480, and other third-party SLS printers.

The adjustable grid allows for the easy post-processing of large parts

Image 3: The adjustable grid allows for the easy post-processing of large parts. Source: Sinterit.

Lowering the grid within the depowdering chamber and the Cooling Box adapter permits the unpacking and removal of excess powder from sizable prints generated by NILS and similar industrial-grade printers.

The new MultiPHS UI

Image 4: The new MultiPHS UI. Source: Sinterit.

The MultiPHS ensures comprehensive adaptability for various printing requirements with 4 sifting programs dedicated to diverse materials (PA12, PA11, PP or Flexa) and the ability to solo-sift by separating the sieve. The sieve within the Multi PHS can be disconnected, slid out on its guides, and utilized independently as a sifting unit.

The disconnectable sieve in the MultiPHS allows for solo-sifting

Image 5: The disconnectable sieve in the MultiPHS allows for solo-sifting. Source: Sinterit.

This functionality proves valuable when working with infrequently used materials in printing, allowing for isolated cleaning without the necessity of cleaning the entire workstation. The printed material can be conveniently cleaned separately, for instance, on a folding tray, and the remainign powder can be subsequently sifted for future utilization.

Benefits of trusting in MultiPHS

The MultiPHS offers a multitude of advantages to enhance your operations:

  1. Effortless cleaning: Fine-grain polyamides used in SLS 3D printing display diverse morphologies, leading to different mechanical traits post-sintering. Greater disparity demands more extensive PHS cleaning. MultiPHS enables swift, comprehensive cleaning, shortening deep cleaning to 30 mins using the Atex vacuum cleaner and accessories such as the newly included special brush for deep material change cleaning.
  2. Multi-material compatibility: Seamlessly handles 4 different material settings for morphologically different materials, accommodating not only Sinterit's palette but also third-party materials, allowing for an extensive range of applications.
  3. Universal printer compatibility: Designed to work with all SLS printers, whether from Sinterit or other compact or industrial-grade devices on the market, ensuring compatibility and flexibility in your printing setup.
  4. Superior powder recovery: With an impressive 95% powder recovery rate, the MultiPHS collects unsintered powder, allowing for efficient reuse in subsequent prints, reducing material wastage significantly.
  5. Integrated system control: Syncs seamlessly with other components of the Sinterit solution such as the Sandblaster or the ATEX vacuum cleaner, offering maximum control over material usage, and features an advanced powder recovery system for cost-effective material management.

User-friendly interface and safety measures

The intuitive panel interface grants access to 4 distinct powder recovery programs and powder sensors, streamlining operations and ensuring timely detection of overloads or full depowdering. Additionally, the adjustable workspace allows for working with prints from large industrial printers, the movable tools holder helps keep the workspace organized, and the antidust cover prioritize user safety without compromising on productivity.

The post-processing workflow with the MultiPHS

Image 6: The post-processing workflow with the MultiPHS. Source: Sinterit.

The Sinterit Multifunction Powder Handling Station (MultiPHS) stands as a testament to innovation, efficiency, and adaptability, empowering professionals in the 3D printing industry to elevate their post-processing capabilities to new heights, whether in small-batch manufacturing of prototypes, in multimaterial additive manufacturing, or in large-barch production.

In the Downloads section the user can find a complete manual for the MultiPHS and in the Usage Tips section the contents of the MultiPHS package is listed in details.

This is the contents of the Sinterit Multifunction PHS:

Zone I Components of the sandblaster shelf with screws.

Zone II Box with additional accessories:

A Allen key Hex 5mm.
B Service wrench 17/10.
C Powder squeegee.
D Socket screwdriver.
E Mounting screw M6x16 (6 pcs.), M6x50 (4 pcs.).
F Cable guard.
G Tool holder.
H Dry dust-free cloths.
I Cleaning brush.
J Tube brush.
K General purpose nozzle.
L Powder suction nozzle.
M Gap nozzle.
N PVC brush nozzle.

The contents of the Sinterit Multifunction PHS

Image 1: The contents of the Sinterit Multifunction PHS. Source: Sinterit.

Zone III Multi PHS User manual, anti-noise headphones, power cable.
Zone IV Suction hose with Suction Handle, spare metal container with lid.
Zone V Additional Powder Chamber grid (for cleaning small parts) and metal container (20 [L]).
Zone VI Components of the Slope ramp.

Manufacturer Sinterit
Certifications CE / IEC Protection Class 1 / IP Code 30 / ATEX certification as Performance Set / II 2/3D II 2/3D Ex h IIIB T135°C Db/Dc
Weight 157 kg
166 kg (with Sandblaster shelf)
Package Weight 205 kg
Dimensions 1000 x 700 x 1700 mm
1426 x 700 x 1700 mm (with tube)
1800 x 700 x 1700 mm (with open lid)
Package Dimensions 1200 x 800 x 1580 mm
Workspace Dimensions 1100 x 600 mm
Unpacking Space Needed 1700 x 4200 x 2000 mm
Installation Space 1700 x 2200 x 1800 mm
Powder Capacity 20 L
Storage Space 70 L
Suction Inlet 40 mm
Noise Level Without vacuum: < 60 dB
Continuous Equivalent Sound Pressure Level (8 hours): 73.9 dB
Sound Pressure Level (A): 63.7 dB
Peak Sound Pressure Level (C): 81.4 dB
Sound Power Level (A): 79.6 dB
Power Supply 110/230 V AC, 47-63 Hz, 4.83/10.9 A, 80 W
Multifunction Powder Handling Station 1x Multifunction Powder Handling Station
1x Magnetic Tool Holder with accessories (3D printed nozzles, noise-canceling headphones, dust cleaner, PVC brush, special brush for deep material change cleaning, cotton pads)


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