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Dedicated Powder Tools


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Essential Sinterit accessory set for the Lisa, Lisa Pro, Lisa X and Nils 480 printers.

Dedicated Powder Tools is a set of accessories that includes all the necessary tools to work with the Lisa, Lisa Pro, Lisa X and Nils 480 printers in an easy way.


Image 1: Dedicated Powder Tools. Source: Sinterit

These accessories and tools are designed to, along with other Sinterit peripherals such as the Powder Handling Station, facilitate the 3D SLS printing workflow.

The Dedicated Powder Tools kit includes:

Powder funnel:

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most efficient. The powder funnel is designed to fit perfectly into Sinterit's powder containers. The use of the funnel allows the powder to be poured into the printer or sieve in a convenient way.


Image 2: Dust funnel. Source: Sinterit


The new Sinterit pallet has been redesigned to cover the entire surface of the feed base, allowing all the dust to be compacted at once.


Image 3: Palette. Source: Sinterit


The IO BOX has a double function: on the one hand it serves to prevent dust from escaping from the feed base during filling and on the other hand it facilitates the removal of the dust block after printing is complete.

IO box

Video 1: IO Box. Source: Sinterit

Powder management tools

It includes the necessary tools for handling the powder such as spatulas, a palette, a brush, a measuring cup and a strainer.

Powder management tools

Image 4: Powder management tools. Source: Sinterit

Post-processing tools

It includes several metal and nylon brushes, as well as metal spatulas to clean the printed parts.


Image 5: Post processing tools. Source: Sinterit

Personal protective equipment

Includes safety goggles, thermal gloves, dust filtering masks and a screen-printed T-shirt with the Sinterit logo.


Image 6: PIDs. Source: Sinterit


A convenient binder to keep all equipment manuals organized.


Image 7: Binder. Source: Sinterit

With the Dedicated Powder Tools set you will have everything you need to work comfortably with Sinterit equipment.


1X Personal Protection Kit
1X Powder Management Kit
1X Post-Procesing Tools
1X IO Box
1X Powder Funel
1X Powder Trowel
1X Binder


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