Sinterit is a Polish manufacturer recognized for developing the first SLS 3D printer in desktop format. In addition to 3D printers, Sinterit's product range includes software, materials and accessories intended to cover all the needs of the workflow, thus offering end-to-end solutions.

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Sinterit: Innovation and accessibility

Sinterit was founded by three young entrepreneurs: Paweł Szczurek, Konrad Głowacki and Michał Grzymała-Moszczyńskia in mid-2014, after successfully completing the development of their first affordable prototype 3D SLS desktop printer: Lisa. After completing the industrialization and production process, in mid-2016 Sinterit begins to market it. A few months later, and due to the success and good reviews, it captures the attention of investors, receiving a significant injection of capital. After this, Sinterit expands the product catalog and in mid-2018 presents its award-winning Lisa Pro, a new, more complete SLS 3D printer, with new features geared towards more demanding users.

The democratization of 3D printing

SLS Traditionally, SLS 3d printing technology was reserved for the industrial sector. The high costs of the equipment, the complexity of setting up the printing conditions and the need for adequate facilities, made it difficult to implement this technology in sectors such as education, medicine or design or architecture.

Sinterit's main challenge is to offer complete 3D SLS printing solutions that are affordable and accessible to all types of users. This is why its equipment stands out for its simplicity of use and maintenance, as well as its affordable price.

End-to-end systems Sinterit

Currently, Sinterit offers two 3D printer models: Lisa and Lisa Pro, both with the same industrial 3d printing quality. Lisa is focused on those users who are starting out in 3D SLS printing, while Lisa Pro is the ideal 3D printer for those more demanding users who require higher print volumes or a greater variety of materials.

In addition to printers, Sinterit offers multiple accessories intended to simplify the preprocessing and postprocessing stages, or Sinterit Studio, a complete and simple software.

To complete the product ecosystem, there is a complete range of materials based on thermoplastic polyamides and polyurethanes.