Sinterit is a Polish manufacturer recognized for developing the first SLS 3D printer in desktop format. In addition to 3D printers, Sinterit's product range includes software, materials and accessories intended to cover all the needs of the workflow, thus offering end-to-end solutions.

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Prolific innovators

Sinterit was founded by three young entrepreneurs: Paweł Szczurek, Konrad Głowacki and Michał Grzymała-Moszczyński in mid-2014, after successfully completing the development of their first affordable prototype 3D SLS desktop printer: Lisa. After completing the industrialization and production process, in mid-2016 Sinterit begins to market it. A few months later, and due to the success and good reviews, it captures the attention of investors, receiving a significant injection of capital. After this, Sinterit expands the product catalog and in mid-2018 presents its award-winning Lisa Pro, a new, more complete SLS 3D printer, with new features geared towards more demanding users. Lisa Pro was soon followed by Lisa X (larger build volume, higher printing speeds easy material change, open system), and by the NILS 480 printer, an industrial format SLS 3D printer with a high production volume and speed.

SLS 3D printing made accessible

SLS Traditionally, SLS 3d printing technology was reserved for the industrial sector. The high costs of the equipment, the complexity of setting up the printing conditions and the need for adequate facilities, made it difficult to implement this technology in sectors such as education, medicine, design or architecture. Sinterit's main mission is to empower engineers, researchers, designers, and visionaries, allowing easy in-house integration of powerful additive manufacturing (AM) technology. Sinterit offer complete 3D SLS printing solutions that are affordable and accessible to all types of users due to their simplicity of use and maintenance, as well as its affordable price.

End-to-end solutions

In addition to SLS 3D printers, Sinterit offers multiple materials, peripherals, accessories and the professional Sinterit Studio software intended to simplify the preparation, printing and post-processing stages.

Sinterit's printers offer access to an extensive array of materials that cater to a diverse range of industries and applications (standard, performance and flexible). Sinterit's offer includes high-end SLS powders such as TPU powders (Flexa line) with various properties, many kinds of PA powders, PBT powders or PP powders. Furthermore, the capability to utilize third-party powders further expands the selection of materials available for SLS additive manufacturing with the Lisa and Nils SLS 3D printers.

Sinterit includes many professional peripheral devices in their offer in order to streamline the post-processing workflow with the Sinterit materials and 3D printers. The Sinterit peripherals include the Multifunction Powder Handling Station (PHS), the automatic powder sieve, the powder separator, the Sandblaster, or the ATEX vacuum cleaner. These peripherals, when paired with accessories such as the Dedicated Powder Tools, make the post-processing stage more efficient, safer and cleaner.