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Essential accessory for efficiently recovering unsintered material and keeping the workspace clean.

The Sinterit ATEX vacuum cleaner is the most efficient and safe dust collection and cleaning system for the LisaLisa ProLisa X and Nils 480 3D printers. It is certified according to ATEX Z22, has a 40-litre tank and a suction capacity of 215 m3/h.

Although polyamides or TPUs are not explosive materials, mixtures of their particulate forms with air can carry an explosion risk. This is why the use of domestic or industrial vacuum cleaners without ATEX certification in the cleaning or recovery of 3D printer materials can pose a significant risk. 


Image 1: ATEX vacuum cleaner. Sourcee: Sinterit

The ATEX certification (Appareils intended for use in ATmosphères EXplosives) guarantees that this equipment can operate safely in environments with an explosive atmosphere. In order to achieve maximum safety the Sinterit ATEX vacuum cleaner includes grounding connection, special filters and anti-static hoses and nozzles.


Image 2: ATEX Vacuum Cleaner grounding connection. Sourcee: Sinterit

The Sinterit ATEX vacuum cleaner is designed for the task of cleaning the workspace (it allows the printed parts to be pre-cleaned before using compressed air) from the dust that has been deposited in the working space and is not suitable for reuse. This dust is collected in the internal tank of the vacuum cleaner. However, the ATEX Vacuum Cleaner can be used together with the Sinterit powder separator for the purpose of powder recovery for later use. 

The ATEX Vacuum Cleaner can be used on its own for cleaning or with the powder separator for powder recovery

Image 3: The ATEX Vacuum Cleaner can be used on its own for cleaning or with the powder separator for powder recovery. Sourcee: Sinterit

Once all the reusable material has been recovered from the printer, it can be transferred directly from the cyclone separator tank to the Sinterit Powder Sieve, an automatic screening machine designed to leave the material ready for the next print. The combination of the ATEX vacuum cleaner with cyclone separator and the Powder Sieve is the perfect solution to reduce material recovery and preparation times between prints. By not using the same tank for recovered dust and for cleaning, contamination is avoided and it is ensured that the recovered material is always in the best condition for reuse.

Powder Sieve

Image 4: Sinterit Powder Sieve. Source: Sinterit

Thanks to a more efficient and quicker recovery of the dust, the operator's exposure to the suspended materials is also reduced. Sinterit's ATEX vacuum cleaner is the essential accessory to reduce cleaning times during the workflow and optimize material recovery in SLS 3D printers.

Product Industrial vacuum cleaner
Certificates CE, ATEX Z22
Maximum airflow 215 m3/h
Filter type Class M
Noise level (EN ISO 3744) 77 [dB(A)]
Tank capacity 40 L
Electrical properties
Input 230 [V] AC, 50/60 [Hz]
Power Consumption 1100 W/h
Dimensions and weight
Product dimensions  440 x 420 x 780 mm
Product weight  25 kg
Package dimensions 570 x 670 x 1300 mm
Package weight 30 kg
Content Sinterit ATEX Vacuum Cleaner
Set of accessories


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