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  • Lay-Fomm 40

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    LAY-FOMM 40 is a new element belonging to the family POROLAY is characterized as sparkling and highly porous.

    LAY-FOMM 40 is a new 3D printing filament belonging to the family of the POROLAY filaments. It is characterized by sparkling and highly porous. This material is composed of a polymer and PVA (soluble). Therefore, a portion of this filament is water soluble. Once the material is immersed in water, the PVA component is dissolved in water and the rubber polymer remains as a micro-porous object.

    LAY-FOMM 40 is finished as a soft rubber, and is therefore ideal for printing similar to the soft rubber objects, sponge-like objects, ink tanks, bio-cells, micro-foam and elastic. Printed objects 40 LAY-FOMM be rigid and strong (virtually zero deformation), but once submerged in water become micro-porous and elastic.

    The LAY-FOMM 40 is a very soft filament and has a Shore hardness A60, is a little soft than the LAY-FOMM 60 having a hardness Shores A40 (hence its name). For greater flexibility of the printed object it is recommended to place the object in a container with water at room temperature for 1-4 days.

    This is one of the latest creations of Kai Parthy (creator of filaments as well known as the LayBrick, LayWoo-D3 or Bendlay among others). Importantly, the pores are not visible to the naked eye. Objects printed FOMM LAY-well 40 can be wetted with water with many liquids such as oil, glycerin, inks, saline solutions, ionic liquids or to be electrically conductive.

    Video 1: Properties of Lay-Fomm 40 filament.

    Video 2: Properties visco-elastic filament Lay-Fomm 40.

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