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3D printer with rapid-change tool heads for filament, liquid silicone/resin and ceramic paste.

The S600D 3D printer is a revolutionary additive manufacturing solution designed and manufactured by the French company Lynxter. The Lynxter S600D has a print volume of Ø390 x 600 mm, a heated enclosure (up to 80 ºC), a removable hot-swappable build surface and automatic bed leveling. The thermal environment of the S600D printer allows for high precision printing with various materials, for example high temperature thermoplastics (up to 450 ºC), technical filaments, recycled filaments, flexibles, food-safe materials, etc.

The build plate can reach temperatures of 20-200 ºC and the maximum moving speed of the toolhead is 500 mm/s. The range of achievable layer heights is quite wide, as it goes from 50 μm to >1mm. The XYZ resolution of the S600D printer is 12.5 μm x 12.5 μm x 12.5 μm.

Video 1: New material possibilities with the Lynxter S600D 3D printer. Source: Lynxter.

There are numerous safety features integrated into the Lynxter S600D printer. The machine can be locked to prevent unauthorized access. It is also capable of detecting material runout and it has two removable HEPA H14 activated carbon filters. These features make the S600D the perfect printer for a smooth, efficient and safe printing workflow in any workspace.

The S600D 3D printer is easy to operate thanks to the straightforward web interface displayed on a standalone touchscreen. This allows the printer to be controlled remotely and independently. The firmware of the printer is the customizable Lynxter S600D firmware (based on RepRap) and the connectivity is through Ethernet.

The tool heads

The S600D allows for a quick change of tool heads and nozzles to suit the needs of any 3D printing project, whether for FDM/FFF or LAM (Liquid Additive Manufacturing). The user can choose from among 6 different tool heads: 3 for thermoplastics (filament), 2 for liquid (silicones, resins, inks) and 1 for pastes (ceramics)

At this point, it is important to note that each type of extrusion (filament, liquid, paste) requires a dedicated material supply unit. The material supply unit(s) must be chosen when ordering the S600D 3D printer based on the type of extrusion the user is interested in. The material supply unit is then mounted on the Lynxter S600D printer and can be changed for a different unit.

Each type of extrusion requires a dedicated material supply unit

Image 1: Each type of extrusion requires a dedicated material supply unit. Source: Lynxter.

The range of processable FFF materials is extremely wide and includes PLA, ABS, ASA, PA, PP, PC, PETG, PEKK, flexibles, the Zetamix metallic filaments, as well as additivized (CF and GF) and advanced (ESD) versions of those. A full list of compatible materials for filament, liquid and ceramic printing can be consulted on the manufacturer’s website, along with the suggested printing parameters.

The S600D filament tool heads

Image 2: The S600D filament tool heads. Source: Lynxter.

The FIL11 toolhead is a single extrusion toolhead for filament. Despite its compact size, it is extremely efficient and highly reliable. The FIL21 is a fast, clean and precise Direct Drive toolhead for filament, characterized by a drastically reduced risk of friction and clogging and an increased throughput. This is the toolhead that introduces new material families, such as flexibles and metallic/ceramic filaments. With the FIL21 toolhead it is also possible to print wider and denser layers, which helps save printing time. The last filament toolhead is the FIL33, a triple extrusion toolhead capable of seamlessly switching between three materials to create parts with multiple colors and features. The FIL33 toolhead has an automatic nozzle leveling feature, retractable nozzles, as well as a cleaning and a closing system. All three lines of extrusion are water-cooled independently. Nozzles for the filament toolheads are available in brass, steel, plated copper and stainless steel.

The S600D liquid and paste tool heads

Image 3: The S600D liquid and paste tool heads. Source: Lynxter.

The liquid tool heads come in two variants - LIQ11 and LIQ21. The LIQ11 is a compact and sturdy single component toolhead for the 3D printing of finished parts (no post processing required) with silicone (RTV1 and RTV2), epoxy resin, polyurethane, acrylics or inks with various degrees of viscosity and hardness (10-3 Pa·s to 1000 Pa·s). Thanks to an industrial volumetric dispensing pump it can stack lines and dots with great precision. The pump flow rate can be adjusted to a minimum of 3.3 ml/min and a maximum of 5.5 ml/min. The LIQ21 is a two component toolhead that allows the use of two silicone (RTV2, LSR) or resin materials in one design. Similarly to the LIQ11, the LIQ22 features a volumetric dispensing pump that allows for great precision, as well as a static mixer to ensure homogenous mixing of materials. Both liquid tool heads allow the use of 55 ml syringes for printing samples or test parts, or 960 ml cartridges for larger projects. The nozzles for the liquid and paste tool heads are steel.

Objects 3D printed on the S600D printer with PEKK filament, silicone and clay

Image 4: Objects 3D printed on the S600D printer with PEKK filament, silicone and clay. Source: Lynxter.

The last toolhead type available for the Lynxter S600D 3D multi material 3D printer is the PAS11 toolhead for printing with pastes and ceramics. The PAS11 can work with advanced ceramic pastes (alumina and cordierite) as well as traditional ceramic pastes such as zircon, clay, stoneware and even porcelain. The PAS11 toolhead is equipped with a micro dispensing pump that allows for extruding material without shearing, in fine and regular strands of paste. This opens a whole new spectrum of possibilities and means that with the PAS11 toolhead, the S600D printer can be used not only for industrial and research projects but also in art and design.

All Lynxter tool heads are water cooled and very easy to remove thanks to the quick connectors responsible for electrical wiring and liquid cooling. The tool heads are all ergonomic, easy to clean and maintain, and as compact as possible. The S600D 3D printer also allows for automatic nozzle height calibration, yet another feature that greatly agilizes the printing workflow.

The possible applications

The S600D 3D printer opens new possibilities for additive manufacturing, as it allows the 3D printing of not only thermoplastics but also silicone and ceramics, all in one machine. The limits only lie in the scope of the project, the materials used and the user’s expertise. The filament and liquid tool heads make it possible to 3D print rapid prototypes, industrial tools, models or maintenance and repair parts, as well as manufacture customized parts in small and medium series on demand. The paste toolhead broadens the scope beyond industrial applications and into design, art and architecture. The possible applications are almost infinite given the extremely wide range of processable materials. The S600D 3D printer can be used in sectors such as electronics, packaging, parts for the automotive/railway/aerospace industry, pottery, sculptures and monuments or textiles, cosmetics, food processing, prosthetics and medicine.

The manufacturer provides exhaustive information on the FFF and LAM materials compatible with the filament, liquid and paste tool heads on the Lynxter website. Alongside detailed information about each material, the user can find the recommended printing profiles for over 20 materials.

Manufacturer Lynxter
Technology FDM/FFF / LAM
Certificates -
Printer properties
Build volume Ø390 x 600 mm
Extrusion FIL11: Bowden x 1
FIL21: Direct x 1
FIL33: Bowden x 3
LIQ11, LIQ21, PAS11: 1
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Available nozzle diameters FIL: 0.25 mm - 1.2 mm
LIQ, PAS: 0.23 mm - 1.04 mm
Available nozzle materials FIL: Brass, steel, plated copper, stainless steel
LIQ, PAS: Steel
Screen -
Electronics -
Firmware -
Filament sensor
Clogging sensor -
Printing surface Removable
Automatic levelling
Air filter HEPA H14 with activated carbon
Integrated webcam -
Printing properties
Positioning resolution (XYZ) 12.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 µm
Layer height 0.05 - 1 mm
Max. print speed 500 mm/s
Viscosity LIQ, PAS: 10-3 Pa·s to 1000 Pa·s
Volumetric flow rate LIQ, PAS: 0.03 - 3.3 ml/min
Volumetric resolution LIQ, PAS: 0.03 ml/rev
Max. extrusion temperature 450 ºC
Max. base temperature 20 - 200 ºC
Max. chamber temperature 40 - 80 ºC
Ambient operating temperature -
Software and connectivity
Software -
Supported files -
Connectivity Ethernet
Electrical properties
Input L 230 V AC, 50/ 60 Hz 16 A
Output -
Consumption -
Dimensions and weight
Printer dimensions 913 x 851 x 1644 mm
Weight -
HS Code 8477.5900

* Filament2print can offer specific training on the 3D printer for each user as well as the installation of the printer at the customer's premises. For more information, please contact us via the contact form.


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