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Professional FDM delta 3D printer with interchangeable print heads and heated chamber.

Trilab is a renowned manufacturer of Delta FDM 3D printers. Delta 3D printers are designed to achieve high printing speeds and have a circular print base and the print head supporting part is configured with a triangular arm structure. These arms move on guides.

AzteQ 3D printers are professional 3D printers developed by Trilab. AzteQ 3D printers offer high spatial accuracy and high print quality, allowing 3D printing at high speeds without affecting the finish of the 3D printed parts.

Video 1: Trilab AzteQ 3D printers. Source: Trilab.

Trilab has developed two models that differ in printing volume:

  • AzteQ: With a large print volume of Ø 300 x 400 mm.
  • AzteQ Plus: With a print volume of Ø 400 x 600 mm.

Both models have a maximum extrusion temperature of 400 ºC and a maximum base temperature of 105 ºC.

The structure of AzteQ is robust and provides excellent stability during the printing process. The print head is supported by extremely lightweight carbon fibre arms. The delta kinematics ensure fast, precise movements with excellent repeatability, achieving optimal results in terms of 3D printing quality.

Heated chamber 

One of the most outstanding features of this machine is that it has an active heated chamber, which can reach up to 80 ºC. This, together with the maximum extrusion and printing surface temperatures, allows 3D printing of a wide variety of materials such as ABS, ASA, Nylon, PC, PP, or fibre-reinforced materials.

Thanks to its large print volume, the AzteQ 3D printer makes it possible to 3D print large parts. This can be very useful for 3D printing prototypes or final parts. If 3D printing of even larger parts is required, it is recommended to purchase the AzteQ Plus version, which has an even larger print volume.

Interchangeable printhead

AzteQ includes an original E3D V6 hotend as standard configuration. However, depending on the application, it is easy to use the most suitable hotend. The user can use the V6, Volcano or Super Volcano hotend and the corresponding nozzles for each.

Cabezales de impresión de AzteQ

Image 1: Print heads with V6, Volcano and Super Volcano hotend. Source: Trilab.

To install the different printheads, the user only needs to attach the printhead, which is fixed by magnets. AzteQ will automatically calibrate and level the printhead, ensuring an optimal first layer is printed.

Flexible printing surface

In addition to the printheads, the AzteQ 3D printer also features flexible, interchangeable printing surfaces to improve material adhesion and make it easier for the user to effortlessly remove 3D printed parts at a later date.

Superficie de impresión flexible.

Image 2: Flexible and interchangeable printing surface. Source: Trilab.

Remote monitoring and control

The AzteQ 3D printer is equipped with a wireless display, which allows the necessary parameters to be controlled and modified. In addition, the printer can be remotely controlled from the WebControl web interface via a computer using WiFi.

The AzteQ 3D printer also has an integrated camera to control and monitor the printing process at all times.

Cámara integrada en AzteQ

Image 3: Camera integrated in AzteQ. Source: Trilab.

Without a doubt, AzteQ is an excellent choice for companies looking for a multi-purpose FDM 3D printer, adaptable to the requirements of each application and enabling high-speed manufacturing.

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ModelTrilab DeltiQ
Manufacturer Trilab (Czech Republic)
Technology FDM/FFF
Certificates -
Printer properties
Print volume  Ø 300 mm x 400 mm
Extruders  1 extruder (E3D Titan Extruder)
Type of extruder Bowden
Filament diameter 1.75 mm 
Nozzle diameter available 0.25 - 1.2 mm
Screen 6.5" wireless display
Electronics -
Firmware -
End Filament sensor Yes
Nozzle clog sensor -
Autolevel Yes
Webcam Yes
Heated chamber Yes
Print properties
Positioning resolution (XY) 0.25 - 1.2 mm (Using 0.4 mm nozzle)
Positioning resolution (Z) 50 µm
Layer height -
Max print speed -
Max extruder temperature 400ºC 
Max base temperature 105ºC
Max camera temperature 80ºC
Working environment temperature 20ºC - 32ºC
Software and conectivity
Software Simplify3D, Kisslicer, Cura
Compatible files STL, gcode
Conectivity DeltalControl, x3, USB, WiFi 
Electrical properties
Input 220-240 V
Output -
Consumption -
Dimesions and weight
Printer dimensions  600 x 600 x 1200 mm
Printer weight ~45 Kg
HS Code 8477.5900
Trilab AzteQ


Heated print chamber up to 75-80 ºC

Easily replaceable print head

Fixed anchored, magnetic heated pad

Flexible and replaceable print pad with PrintPad (PEI coating - powdered PEI Gold)

Standard E3D Titan extruder on frame and Bowden for filament feed to print head

Printheads with different nozzle sizes for different materials

AQ accessory kit

ABS filament (1.75mm)

Torque wrench, filament cutter, spatula, 0.1L bottle of isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

USB-LAN and USB-WIFI adapter

Legal warranty


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