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Light and compact extruder with 70 N+ extrusion force. High compatibility with E3D ecosystem.

E3D enjoys global recognition as a manufacturer of high-quality extruders such as v6, Titan, Revo LGX or the Revo Roto extruder. Revo Roto is a lightweight (146 g) and compact dual-drive extruder equipped with a powerful Nema 14 motor, an extrusion force of 70 N+ and a gear ratio of 11.262:1 for smoother and more accurate extrusion control. Despite its reduced size and weight, the Roto extruder offers exceptional power and performance thanks to its smart and innovative design, resulting in higher XY acceleration and reduced print artifacts.

Video 1: E3D Revo Roto promotional video. Source: E3D.

Designed with ease of use and versatility in mind, the Roto extruder is compatible with a wide range of hotends and nozzles from the E3D ecosystem. For example, the use of a Hemera heatbreak makes Roto compatible with the v6 hotend or the Volcano hotend. By default Roto is compatible with the Revo HT and Revo HF hotsides, and the entire Revo nozzle range.

In addition to the standard version, the Roto extruder is also available in a Bowden version and in a Sensored version.

Bowden version

Although the Roto extruder was designed to be used as a direct extruder, it can also be used as a Bowden extruder simply by adding a small adapter included in the Bowden package. The primary advantage of Bowden extrusion in 3D printing is reduced moving mass, enabling faster print speeds and finer detailing due to the extruder being located remotely from the print head.

Sensored version

In order to enhance the printing experience and the printer's reliability, E3D has prepared a sensored package version of the Roto extruder. The three extra components included in that package expand the scope of print monitoring and failure detection, ensuring a more confident printing experience:

  1. Filament sensor with cable - to detect the presence and movement of filament within a 3D printer, and prevent material waste and failed prints due to lack or breakage of filaments.
  2. 3-wire tacho fan - this fan allows the printer to detect rotational movement, automatically halting printing if issues arise with the fan, wiring, or control board. This prevents heat-related filament jams.
  3. Heatsink thermistor - positioned near the filament path, this thermistor provides precise temperature readings for the hot-end's cold zone and helps avoid extrusion problems such as jams. In the case of the Roto extruder, the heatsink thermistor detects excessive coldside heat, prompting the printer to pause printing, averting possible issues.

Overview of features

The Revo Roto extruder boasts an advanced roto gearbox design comprising planetary, spur, and dual hobb stages, which delivers substantial extrusion force. When used in combination with the Revo High Flow nozzles, Revo Roto maximizes the volumetric flow rates while ensuring a preferable motor stall over filament grind upon failure.

The anatomy of the Roto extruder

Image 1: The anatomy of the Roto extruder. Sourcee: E3D.

Ease of use was prioritized in its design, allowing hassle-free access to the hobbs by simply removing three bolts, separating the heatsink and filament path while keeping the extruder body securely mounted. Additionally, its redesigned filament tensioning system offers a bi-stable mechanism for effortless tension adjustment or complete release, simplifying filament loading and enabling quick nozzle changes with one-handed operation.

The E3D Revo Roto extruder

Image 2: The E3D Revo Roto extruder. Sourcee: E3D.

A highlight of the Revo Roto is its groundbreaking 3D printed metal heatsink with a skeletonized structure. Utilizing SLM 3D printing, this heatsink design optimizes thermal management by preventing heat creep through effective heat dissipation via conduction and air disruption through the novel AirBreak design, ensuring superior heat control from the hotside. Choosing to 3D print the heatsink allowed for an intricate design with minimized wall thicknesses, enhanced thermal effectiveness and the added benefit of a quieter operation due to smaller internal pressure buildup. All this features combined make it possible for the Roto extruder to endure a 24-hour PLA torture test under 40 °C without compromising performance.

The 3D printed heatsink of the Roto extruder

Image 3: The 3D printed heatsink of the Roto extruder. Sourcee: E3D.

Moreover, the Roto's evolution extends beyond its core performance, providing the option to upgrade to a sensored version. This upgrade equips users with advanced functionalities such as filament monitoring, an action button, fan speed monitoring, and heatsink temperature monitoring, enabling remote oversight and simplified maintenance for a hands-off 3D printing experience, bolstering user confidence in their workflow. Even more technical information on the Revo Roto extruder is provided on the E3D blog.

Compact power

The E3D Revo Roto extruder stands out for its innovative and versatile design, offering a unique combination of power and performance in a lightweight and compact format, delivering smooth and precise extrusion. Its compatibility with a wide range of hotends and nozzles from the E3D ecosystem, along with available Bowden and sensorized versions, expand its range of applications. Additionally, its smart design allows easy access to internal components, facilitating nozzle changes and ensuring a reliable, versatile, and secure printing experience. The advanced structure of the 3D printed heatsink optimizes thermal management, while the sensorized version offers additional monitoring functions, enabling remote control and simplified maintenance for a more efficient and reliable 3D printing process.

On the manufacturer's website the user can find a complete technical datasheet for the Revo Roto extruder. The document covers topics such as overall features, dimensions, upgrade guides, assembly guides, firmware, hotside options and nozzle options. Another useful resource is the Revo Roto assembly guide available here. E3D also facilitates a troubleshooting chat where common problems are addressed.

Manufacturer E3D
Mounting Type Direct / Bowden
Extrusion Type "Dual-Drive"
Compatible Filament 1.75 mm
Compatible Hotend Revo HF, Revo HT, v6, Volcano
Maximum Temperature 300 ºC
Extrusion Force 70 N+
Weight 146 g
Dimensions Check here
Power Supply Motor: 24 V
Fan: 5 V
Kit Contents Standard:

1 x Revo motor with cable
1 x 2-wire Fan with cable
1 x Fixing kit
1 x Roto coldside assembly
1 x Bowden tube


1 x Revo Motor with cable
1 x 3-wire Fan with cable
1 x Fixing kit
1 x Coldside Roto assembly
1 x Bowden tube
1 x Thermistor heatsink with cable
1 x Filament sensor with cable


1 x Revo Motor with cable
1 x Fixing kit
1 x Bowden adapter
2 x Heatsink washers
1 x Bowden tube
HS Code 8477.2


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