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Original E3D hotend with high printig temperature up to 285 ˚C.

The original E3D HotEnd v6 is not an update of the famous E3D HotEnd v5, but has been designed from scratch based on the experience E3D has in this type of components, which was another jump in the evolution of the HotEnd. The E3D v6 is versatile, so you can print different types of materials with a high quality.

Compared to E3D v5, it has been improved by reducing its z dimension (up to 62mm in some cases) by increasing the print distance on that axis and minimizing heat sink jam problems when using dense materials. The new design facilitates the installation of the HotEnd, being the holder of the thermistor much more precise and safe, because it incorporates a screw by the side of the block to avoid the use of the Kapton at the beginning of the cables, besides that already has the cables welded and covered by a glass sheath. In addition, the thermistor cartridge holder has been modified to prevent it from loosening with the extruder displacement, avoiding problems of temperature variation of the HotEnd (something that happened to the E3D v5) and moving the location of this closer to the nozzle, Perform better temperature control (variations of 0.5 ˚C or less) and rise from 20˚C to 200˚C in 65 seconds.

E3D HE v6 Version  

Image 1: Graphic HotEnd v6 Universal 1.75mm, Direct 3mm y Bowden 3mm. Source: E3D


This model of HotEnd reaches 285˚C with the original thermistor cartridge, increasing up to 400 ˚C by means of an update that is available (requires additional electronics) giving the option of printing materials of large properties such as PEEK. In addition, the E3D v6 incorporates an internal PTFE coating (universal version) to prevent direct contact of the filament with the metal at high temperature, so that overheating and burns are avoided. Thanks to this, many materials can be printed, even those requiring higher temperature and precision, such as policarbonate or nylon.


Thanks to getting a high and precise conservation of the temperature in the nozzle you get uniform finishes and high quality; Even in soft and flexible materials such as FilaFlex, PLA Soft y FlexFill 98A, thanks to the incorporation of the PTFE tube inside.

High precision printing
Image 2: High precision printing. Source: E3D. Source: E3D


With the introduction of the E3D v6, a large number of nozzles of different diameter are added to the market. This variety of diameters allows from small prints in great detail finishing up larger parts faster; Even a 0.4mm nozzle is ideal for almost all kinds of uses. These nozzles always show a great balance between speed, manageability and high resolution printing. This is due to the special care that has taken E3D in designing both the interior and exterior, giving it much importance to look for the exact geometry for each diameter.

Image 3: Variety of nozzles. Source: E3D. Source: E3D

After printing in 3D with filaments containing carbon fibers, metal, wood, ceramics ..., remove it and insert the “Smart Clean”, cleaning filament to prevent further jams.

In case of purchase of the original E3D HotEnd v6 in kit, the following steps must be followed for the assembly of the parts:

  1. Screw the nozzle into the metal block. Unscrew it between 1/4 and 1/2 of a turn.
  2. Screw the stud (connecting the heatsink and the metal block) into the block in step 1 until it stops.
  3. Insert the thermistor into its housing and its safety screw.
  4. Insert the thermistor cartridge into its housing and its safety screw.
  5. Place the heatsink in the stud of step 2.
  6. Mount the fan in its respective diffuser and the latter around the heat sink.
  7. Assembly of the assembled HotEnd in the 3D printer and electronics connection. 

For more details of the assembly consult the following link.

Manufacturer E3D
Type v6
Filament diameter 1.75 or 2.85 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.40mm
Maximum printing temperature 285 ºC
Kit content

1x Nozzle 0.4mm
1x Aluminium heater block
1x Thermistor cartridge
1x Heating cartridge (12v or 24v)
1x Stainless steel heat break
1x Aluminium heatsink
1x Silicone sock
1x Fan (12v or 24v)
1x Fan holder
1x PTFE tube (800 mm for bowden/ 120 mm for direct)
Screws and hardware
1x Threaded Bowden Coupling (bowden configuration)

HS Code 8477.9


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