Filament2print offer several different forms of payment:

  • Card: Through our banking operator CaixaBank, SA and its encryption system 100% safe can pay with your credit card or debit quickly and safely. This connection carries a data encryption and is produced in a separate window to ensure that the connection to the payment gateway of the bank is 100% secure. This payment method has no commissions for the customer. By Redsys payment gateway cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Citicorp are accepted. Filament2print not receive these data or have access to them. The transaction you do it directly with the bank.
  • Paypal: You can make your payment with a Paypal account. If you already have a Paypal account you will not have to enter your card details and by paying immediately. PayPal acts as an intermediary between the client and Filament2print to any possible future dispute or claim. The advantage of this service is that you will not have to enter the details of your card or your bank account to pay. You just need your email address and password.
  • Bank transfer: We will provide a bank account for payment of your orders. This payment method has no commissions for the client, except those that may exceptionally impose the bank issuing the behalf of our client. It is very important that you indicate as a concept of operation order reference. This will enable us to locate and associate the payment order. If you do not put, we must do a manual tracking, take more and may not achieve find out what order accordingly. This slows everything down and lengthens the delivery time of your order. It is also advisable to send us proof of the transfer. (Please note that transfers between different banks may take several days to run, delaying the shipment of the order).
  • Financing your purchase (Only for Spanish territory): finance your purchase through financing platform for online purchases Paga + Tarde. You can get more information in the footer of "finance your purchase."