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3D printing surface that offers easy extraction of the piece.

BuildTak ™ in the search for the greatest ease and convenience of printing has developed a new system for easy removal of the parts from the base.

BuildTak FlexPlate

Image 1: BuildTak FlexPlate. Source: BuildTak

 When making a 3D impression there's a great enemy to fight that is warping, which is the effect that causes contractions and that the pieces are detached from the base due to the sharp thermal difference.

The developments of recent years have been to create fixing products with high adhesion during printing, and that by cooling the printing base the effect is reduced to the maximum for easy peeling. This eliminates the problem in part because it is always linked with a waiting time for the base of the 3D printer to cool down.

Currently in the vast majority of 3D printers is used as a printing surface a glass sprayed with a liquid adhesive (Magigoo, Dimafix, 3DLac, PrintaFix, etc.) clamped to the base of the 3D printer itself. This, is the other great disadvantage of having to hold the glass with the tweezers since it isn't practical in the day to day.

With the new BuildTak FlexPlate system, these two typical drawbacks are solved, which has an impact on a great printing experience. The BuildTak FlexPlate system consists of three specific components to eliminate the inconvenience of removing parts in the prints. On the one hand, there's the magnetic mounting base that adheres to the base of the 3D printer, on the other hand, FlexPlate on which the BuildTak sheet adheres, and that as a whole is flexible, which allows it to be folded to take off the printed pieces. These three components together comprise a system that makes the process of extracting printed pieces easier than ever.

Elements that make up the BuildTak FlexPlate

Image 2: Elements that make up the BuildTak FlexPlate. Source: BuildTak

The BuildTak FlexPlate system is valid for a multitude of 3D printers and is available in the most common sizes.

Video 1: BuildTak FlexPlate. Source: BuildTak

Installing the BuildTak FlexPlate system is very simple. First, the adhesive coating must be peeled off to attach the magnetic base to the base of the 3D printer. Second, the BuildTak sheet must be glued to the FlexPlate and then magnetically attached to the magnetic base.

Next, the 3D printer must be set to Z to compensate for the additional thickness of the FlexPlate system. Once these steps are completed, you can start printing.

Once an impression has been completed, simply remove the FlexPlate, flex and pull out the prints. To reprint, it will be repositioned quickly thanks to the magnetic system.

It's that easy and that comfortable.

Manufacturer BuildTak 
Measurements 203x203 mm
254x254 mm
304x304 mm
HS Code 3919.9
Package content 1x BuildTak Sheet
1x FlexPlate
1x BuildTak Magnetic mounting base


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