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Satin powder coated steel base for Prusa I3MK3S+ and Prusa Mini+.

Prusa is one of the best known and most marketed brands in Europe, dedicated to the manufacture of 3D printers and 3D printing products. Within the category of FDM printers, Prusa has 2 of the best known filament 3D printers on the market for their printing quality: Prusa i3 MK3S+ and Prusa Mini+.

Image 1: Satin steel base for Prusa MK3S+. Source: Prusa.

Both the Prusa i3 MK3S+ and Prusa Mini+ feature a magnetic hot bed that holds a steel sheet that forms the printing surface and facilitates the adhesion of the part being printed.

The Prusa i3 MK3S+ comes with a textured PEI base from the factory, while the Prusa Mini+ comes with a smooth PEI base. The satin steel printing base is an optional consumable.

The satin steel base is a consumable compatible with Prusa i3MK3S+ and Prusa Mini+ 3D printers that must be treated with care, trying not to damage it in order to avoid printing errors or failed prints due to lack of adherence. It should be taken into account that, even if the product is treated with the utmost care, the satin steel printing base suffers wear due to use, and should be replaced when necessary in order to maintain the printing quality of Prusa 3D printing equipment.

The satin steel printing base consists of a fine powder-coated surface with a lightly textured matt finish. This printing surface is double-sided, so it can be used for printing on both sides. The satin steel printing base gives the underside of the parts a slightly textured surface. The satin steel printing base is ideal for printing a wide variety of filaments, such as ABS, ASA, PP, PC... but especially for 3D printing materials such as PLA and PETG, offering optimum adhesion without the need for specific base adhesion products.

Image 2: Lower part of a part depending on the base used. Source: Prusa.

The Prusa Satin Steel Base is a flexible printing surface that allows for easy removal of 3D printed parts. To do this, always wait until the base has cooled to room temperature. The user can then bend the foil slightly with his hands until the part is completely detached from the base.

Picture 3: How to remove a part from the satin steel base. Source: Prusa.

Users who often print polycarbonate may face problems such as warping. When printing this material on 3D printers such as Prusa i3MK3s+, it is advisable to use the satin steel printing surface, as it offers superior adhesion to smooth or textured PEI sheets. If this material is printed frequently, it is recommended to apply a layer of specific glue such as Magigoo PC on the printing surface.

The Prusa satin steel printing base is the ideal complement for users of Prusa I3Mk3s+ or Prusa Mini+ 3D printers, offering more options and allowing them to choose the printing base that best suits the desired material and finish. Moreover, as it is a double-sided base, its useful life is doubled, resulting in a very affordable consumable.

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It is recommended to follow a set of instructions for the use of the satin steel base:

  • Make sure that the heated bed is clean before applying the satin steel base.
  • Always print on the steel base, never directly on the heated bed.
  • Avoid the use of spatulas or tools that could damage the satin-finish steel base .
  • In spite of having an anti-corrosion coating, it is recommended not to leave the satin-finished steel base in humid environments to avoid oxidation. .
  • Do not clean the satin-finished steel base with acetone, as this may cause the coating to crack and wear.
  • The base should not be placed in a refrigerator or freezer, as these are places where there is a lot of humidity.

The satin steel base has different properties compared to the original Prusa base, so the 3D printer must be calibrated after installing this consumable. This link shows the steps to follow to configure the profiles.

Manufacturer Prusa3D
Compatible with Prusa i3 MK3S+
Prusa Mini+
Printing dimensions Prusa i3 MK3S+: 250 x 210 mm
Prusa Mini+: 180 x 180 mm
HS Code 8477.59


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