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Magnetic adhesive film for easy removal with double surface made of textured and smooth PEI.

Ziflex, known for its magnetic and flexible adhesion films for FDM 3D printers, has added Ziflex PEI to its portfolio.

Ziflex PEI is an adhesion-enhancing film available in a variety of sizes and compatible with the vast majority of FDM 3D printers on the market.

Improved adhesion

The Ziflex PEI film offers the user excellent adhesion of the parts and easy removal of the parts once the 3D printing process is finished.

Thanks to Ziflex PEI, the user can avoid the use of other products such as Blue Tape and other adhesives that can affect the print quality if not applied correctly.

Double-sided surface

Unlike Ziflex, Ziflex PEI does not have a flexible surface. However, it has the advantage of a double-sided surface. One side has a textured PEI surface, while the other side has a smooth PEI surface. This is very useful depending on the degree of adhesion and surface finish desired for 3D printed parts.

Double-sided surface of Ziflex PEI

Image 1: Double-sided magnetic surface. Source: Zimple.

High quality and durability

Ziflex PEI is available in Starter kit format, which includes the magnetic base that is attached to the printing base of the 3D printer using 3M adhesive. This adhesive is designed to offer great durability while maintaining maximum hold.

Adhesion with Ziflex PEI 3M

Image 2: Ziflex PEI 3M adhesive. Source: Zimple.

In addition, the neodymium magnets guarantee a strong hold of the foil on the magnetic base, even at high temperatures (110 °C).

Ziflex PEi is compatible with a wide range of materials, including PLA, ABS, TPU, PC, etc. Thanks to its quick installation and ease of use, users can enjoy excellent adhesion in their 3D prints without the need for additional products.

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Ziflex PEI consists of two parts, both with a directional magnetic layer of high strength. Before installing Ziflex PEI, the orientation between the two parts should be checked to ensure that it offers the strongest magnetic adhesion.

Video 1: Installation of Ziflex. Source: Zimple 3D.

As can be seen in the video, the steps for the installation of Ziflex PEI are similar to those for the installation of Ziflex:

1- Remove the white 3M film and stick the other side to the original base of the 3D printer.

2- Place the Ziflex PEI film on the part glued to the base on the desired side (textured or smooth).

3- Re-calibrate the base taking into account the thickness of the Ziflex PEI.

Manufacturer Zimple3D
Model Starter Kit Ziflex PEI
Ziflex PEI film
Max. supported extrusion temperature 260 ºC
Max. supported base temperature 120 ºC
Measures 220x220 mm (standard)
232x154 mm (Flashforge Creator Pro)
235x235 mm (Ender 3)
254x241 mm (Prusa MK3)
257x229 mm (Ultimaker 2, 2+, 3)
310x310 mm (CR10)
332x340 mm (Raise 3D)
355x275 mm (Ultimaker S5)
410x410 mm (standard))
470x470 mm (CR10 Max)
510x510 mm (Standard)
HS Code 3919.9
Package contents 1x magnetic base (Starter Kit only)
1x Printing surface


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