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Vanishing no-clean scanning spray developed specially for the jewelry industry.

3D scanning has revolutionized jewelry making, offering speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. It captures intricate details for precise CAD files, streamlines design creation and prototyping, detects flaws for quality control, aids in repairs with precision, facilitates replication of existing pieces and enables the creation of highly customized and perfectly fitting jewelry. Overall, it enhances efficiency, creativity, and craftsmanship in the industry.

The AESUB Diamond by AESUB is a cutting-edge 3D scanning spray meticulously crafted for the jewellery sector and a true investment in efficiency and productivity. Crafted by scanning experts, AESUB Diamond stands as a pioneering self-vanishing scanning spray engineered to redefine your scanning endeavors and aid with challenging objects such as reflective surfaces or transparent ornaments.

How to use AESUB Diamond scanning spray

Image 1: How to use AESUB Diamond scanning spray. Source: AESUB.

Setting itself apart from traditional sprays, AESUB Diamond boasts a pigment-free composition, guaranteeing zero pigment interference in critical zones such as scanners, equipment, and operators. Through its exclusive formulation, AESUB Diamond eradicates the necessity for post-scanning cleaning, effortlessly evaporating within approximately 10 minutes.

This enables seamless scanning of rings and other jewellery pieces, with AESUB Diamond application directly at the point of scanning, eliminating concerns regarding pigment contamination during transportation.

The AESUB Diamond scanning spray should be stored in a dry place at around 18-21°C, avoiding direct sunlight. To ensure user safety, adequate room ventilation and respiratory equipment should be used. The AESUB Diamond scanning spray should never be applied to hot or glowing objects, nor come into contact with food.

Manufacturer AESUB
Quantity 400 mL
HS Code 3809.9
Danger and Caution Warnings Inflamable 
For further information, see product safety data sheet.


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