AESUB is a manufacturer of sprays developed to improve the performance and ease of use of 3D scanners.

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items

The use of 3D scanners makes it possible to analyse the geometry of an object and gather data relating to its geometry and even its colour. This allows the creation of three-dimensional digital models, a very useful process in various sectors and applications.

AESUB is an expert in the field of 3D scanning and focuses on the development of sprays to improve the experience and reduce the mesh processing time when using 3D scanners.

Reduction of mesh processing time

On many occasions, generally due to the nature of the surface of the object to be scanned, 3D scanners do not correctly detect the geometry of the object. This can lead to errors in the mesh and longer mesh processing time.

AESUB uses its experience in this field to develop sprays that improve the detection of objects to be scanned in 3D.

Sprays for 3D scanning

Depending on the materials the object to be 3D scanned is made of, the user must use one 3D scanning spray or another.

AESUB has a range of evaporable and non-evaporable sprays that allow the user to use the most suitable one to avoid damaging the surface of the object and to optimise the 3D scanning process.