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  • Wood / Ceramic 

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    Filaments created from fibers of wood, stone or ceramic with a polymer of union, ideal for pieces with decorative purposes.

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    Wood and ceramic filaments

    A craftsman, who uses wood or ceramic materials, can make an infinite number of pieces in different ways, but always limited by the tools and investing many hours of work. An architect, designer or sculptor always needs to bring their projects to reality in the form of scale models, or final pieces, having to invest a lot of time in making them by hand. All the above is a thing of the past thanks to the 3D FDM printing combined with wood and ceramic filaments, which allow to create any piece, regardless of the shape (scale models, decorative elements, prop elements, etc.), with manufacturing times and much lower costs than before and with a realistic finish. Such is the leap to this trend that there are already companies and projects supported by government agencies to manufacture real-size furniture and structural elements.

    Get finishes similar to natural wood

    In response to all the above-mentioned demand, many manufacturers have wood filaments in their catalog, among which the Fillamentum brand should be highlighted. Within its catalog of materials have four wooden filaments of different shades: Timberfill Light Wood Tone, Timberfill "Rosewood", Timberfill "Champagne" and Timberfill "Cinnamon".

    The Timberfill Light Wood Tone is one of the lightest wood filaments on the market, ideal for making models of everyday objects such as a load pallet or a chair. The Timberfill "Rosewood" presents a wood color known as "Rosewood", an exclusive wood from India, a classic material in the manufacture of guitars. The Timberfill "Champagne" offers a color out of the common brown of the wood with a clear and striking tone, but maintaining the touch and appearance of the wood. The "Cinnamon" Timberfill shows a color similar to cinnamon, very common in old toys that were made with that wood for being a striking and at the same time soft color.