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The Olsson Ruby

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Update Ultimaker 2 converting it into a versatile 3D printer by having 4 different nozzle sizes.

The Olsson Block is manufactured by the Swedish company 3DVerkstan that has more than 20 years of experience in the world of 3D printing and has a great international reputation as it collaborates with leading companies in the market such as FormLabs and Ultimaker.

Anders Olsson is the architect of the Olsson Block for the Ultimaker 2/2+/2 Extended 3D printer. Anders is a research engineer at the University of Uppsala (Sweden) who performs experiments with neutron particles in which he needs to absorb them. For this process he used a filament of Boron Carbide (B4C), a material made by himself with a Filastruder. But he was faced with the need to be able to exchange the nozzles with others of different diameters and in a faster way, which led him to create a block to replace the original, which has a 0.40mm nozzle integrated. Anders shared his invention with Ultimaker Community, in which he caused such an impact that he went from being an experimental block for his own use, to a block marketed worldwide and that Ultimaker later incorporated in his Ultimaker 2.

The Olsson Block allows the Ultimaker 2 to be updated in such a way that it makes it a versatile 3D printer. Once installed, the change of nozzle is done in a few minutes and very easily because you can unscrew and screw the nozzles very easily), something that with the original block is a very laborious process to have to change the whole. A part, this kit contains 4 nozzles of different diameters (0.25mm, 0.40mm, 0.60mm, 0.80mm) to cover all types of 3D prints, small pieces with many details (0.25mm), pieces made of filaments containing fibers ( 0.60mm) or large pieces in which you want to reduce the manufacturing time (0.80mm).

In case of using very abrasive materials (Nylon CF15, Carbon fiber filament, Nylon Strong...) it is advisable to use thel Nozzle Olsson Ruby, a brass nozzle with the ruby tip, which is the third hardest material that exists behind the cubic boron nitride and diamond, thus solving the problem of wear that these materials present to a nozzle of normal brass. Its hardness is such that it doesn't show any wear after consuming 8kg of carbon fiber filament.

 Nozzle Olsson Ruby does not show wear after more than 8kg of carbon fiber

Image 1: The Nozzle Olsson Ruby does not show wear after more than 8kg of carbon fiber, the dark parts are carbon fiber debris. Source: Olsson Ruby

The Olsson Block Kit also contains all the necessary tools to make the change of the block, except the allen key that can be purchased from the Ultimaker 2 version itself. The whole assembly process is explained in the section of Usage Tips.

Next, the steps to follow to install the Olsson Block an Ultimaker 2 are explained. First of all, the user must remove the filament from the extruder.

1-Remove the fan cover:

Remove the 4 screws (two per side) that support the base of the fans.

Remove support screws

Image 1: Remove support screws. Source: 3DVerkstan


Once unscrewed, remove the fans with the base and stick everything with a tape to a fixed part so that it doesn't hinder the following operations.

Fasten base fans

Image 2: Fasten base fans. Source: 3DVerkstan


2-Unscrew the nozzle and heater:

The nozzle is loosened by inserting a small screwdriver into one of the holes in the ring (indicated in the image) in an anti-clockwise direction until the nozzle is dropped. If it is hard when loosening, the extruder must be heated to around 100ºC so that the remains of material inside soften and allow the ring to rotate. Once unscrewed you have to be careful with the nozzle that will be very hot.

Loosen Olsson Block

Image 3: Loosen Olsson Block. Source: 3DVerkstan


3-Remove the heater cartridge and temperature sensor:

Once the previous step is completed, the printer must be turned off and the nozzle must cool down. Once cold, the screw that holds the heating cartridge with the Allen key supplied with the printer is removed. Now you can remove the two components.

Remove Allen screw

Image 4: Remove Allen screw. Source: 3DVerkstan


4-Install the Olsson block:

Unscrew the adjustment screw located in the center of the block almost entirely, as shown in the image.

Set screw

Imagen 5: Unscrew adjustment screw. Source: 3DVerkstan


This step is vital to avoid that the adjusting screw hinders at the time of screwing the block in the extruder ring. Now the block is screwed into the ring making sure it is completely straight and that the screwing is smooth. Then, the heating cartridge and the temperature sensor are inserted until the end of the hole. It must be checked that the two elements are in the same position as the one in the image.

Check heater position and temperature sensor

Image 6: Check heater position and temperature sensor. Source: 3DVerkstan


The adjusting screw is inserted making sure it's tightened, even a larger screwdriver than the one included in the kit can be used to ensure a good tightening.

Then the fan support cover is placed taking care that it isn't in contact with the block because if this happens, all the heat generated by the block will be dissipated.

Space between Olsson block and fan base

Image 7: Space between Olsson block and fan base. Source: 3DVerkstan


To solve this problem you can loosen the cover fixing screws, as they have room to maneuver or fold the fan support plate with a pliers.

Correct position of the Olsson Block

Image 8: Correct position of the Olsson Block. Source: 3DVerkstan


5-Install the nozzle:

Finally, it is only necessary to choose the nozzle and screw it with the hand, finishing the process with the 7mm key. It isn't necessary to heat the extruder because the block is clean, in case of making only the change of nozzle it is advisable to do it with the extruder at about 100ºC.

Install nozzle

Image 9: Install nozzle. Source: 3DVerkstan


After a block change or nozzle all 3D printers must be leveled base.

Manufacturer 3DVerkstan
Kit content 1x Olsson block
4x Brass nozzles Olsson 2.85mm (0.25mm, 0.40mm, 0.60mm, 0.80mm)
Compatible with Ultimaker 2
HS Code 8477.9


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