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Spare LCD screen for the Phrozen Sonic resin 3D printers.

The LCD screen is a consumable part in resin 3D printers, which means that it needs to be replaced after a certain period of time or when damaged.

The official replacement LCD screens for the Phrozen resin 3D printers come in various sizes depending on the printer they are compatible with:

Tips on how to replace and maintain the Phrozen LCD screens can be found in the Downloads section.

In order to avoid faulty prints, the LCD screen's surface should be kept clean from dust, smudges, fingerprints and lint at all times. This can be done with the help of a rubber air blower or some sanitizing alcohol and a kitchen towel/fiber cloth. Detailed cleaning tips can be found in the downloads section.

In case of a leakage of resin onto the LCD screen, the LCD screen should never be scratched or scraped to remove the resin. Instead, a paper towel dampened with 95 % sanitizing alcohol should be used to soften and remove the resin. More tips on how to clean resins spills from the LCD screen are given in the downloads section.

On the Phrozen YouTube channel the manufacturer provides many useful video tutorials on how to change printer consumables.

Manufacturer Phrozen
Compatible with Sonic Mini 4K
Sonic Mighty 4K
Sonic XL 4K 2022
Sonic Mega 8K
Sonic Mini 8K
Sonic Mighty 8K
Screen 6.1" 4K monochrome LCD
9.3" 4K monochrome LCD
7.1" 8K Monochrome LCD
10.1" 8K monochrome LCD
15.0" 8K monochrome LCD
HS Code 8421.9


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