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Intelligent resin 3D printer with 14K resolution ideal for highly detailed and precise models.

The Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer heralds a new era of intelligent printing solutions, designed to enhance efficiency and precision within professional workflows. Boasting seamless mobile integration and incorporating patented smart sensors, this advanced model empowers users with unparalleled control and flexibility.

Video 1: Introducing the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer. Source: Phrozen.

With a generous build volume of 223 x 126 x 235 mm and a swift printing speed of 450 layers/hr, the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo sets a new standard in additive manufacturing. With a 10.1” screen LCD screen reminiscent of Phrozen’s renowned Mighty Series, the Sonic Mighty Revo elevates your prints to unprecedented levels. Experience enhanced uniformity in light intensity and finer details, reaching resolutions as slim as 16.8 μm x 24.8 μm, nearly five times thinner than standard A4 paper.

The LCD screen of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer

Image 1: The LCD screen of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer. Source: Phrozen.

Utilizing dual linear guide (ball screws) technology, it ensures unparalleled stability and accuracy throughout the printing process. Distinguishing itself from its predecessors, the Sonic Mighty 8K and Sonic Mighty 12K, this innovative device introduces a range of cutting-edge features, including automatic leveling, a plug-in air purifier, and a heater, optimizing performance and user experience to unprecedented levels.

Accurate detection

Experience unparalleled precision and peace of mind with the advanced detection system of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer. The proprietary 3-point piezoelectric sensor ensures unmatched accuracy, seamlessly integrated with the Phrozen GO App for continuous monitoring directly from your smartphone. The smart features of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer include:

  1. The Smart Residue Detection feature prevents potential LCD screen damage by halting printing upon detecting cured particles in the vat, safeguarding your investment.

    The smart failure detection

    Image 2: The smart failure detection. Source: Phrozen.
  2. Additionally, the Smart Failure Detection system promptly identifies any anomalies during printing, providing an extra layer of security for flawless prints.

    The Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer allows for high control and overview of the printing process

    Image 3: The Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer allows for high control and overview of the printing process. Source: Phrozen.
  3. Stay connected 24/7 with the mobile app, allowing you to monitor prints remotely and intervene at the earliest sign of failure. Equipped with a built-in camera, the app offers real-time monitoring capabilities, with time-lapse photography and live streaming functionalities available through firmware upgrades.

More efficient and safer

Enhance your printing experience with the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo's array of performance and safety features, engineered to streamline operations and ensure optimal outcomes. Say goodbye to the frustrations of manual adjustments and environmental fluctuations, as the Revo's innovative enhancements mitigate the need for trial and error. Firstly, Sonic Mighty 14K Revo's auto-leveling function revolutionizes setup procedures by enabling effortless Z-axis calibration at the touch of a button, facilitated by its automatic zero-point detection sensor. With this feature, users can consistently commence printing with precision and confidence, eliminating the time-consuming intricacies of traditional leveling methods.

The heater of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer

Image 4: The heater of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer. Source: Phrozen.

Additionally, the inclusion of a built-in heater proves indispensable in maintaining resin temperature at the most conducive levels, mitigating the detrimental effects of temperature fluctuations on resin viscosity. By stabilizing resin reaction speeds and minimizing viscosity changes, the heater significantly enhances success rates, ensuring consistently superior print quality with every job. With these advanced features at your disposal, the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo sets a new standard for performance, reliability, and safety in additive manufacturing environments.

The air purifier of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer

Image 5: The air purifier of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer. Source: Phrozen.

Enhance your printing environment with the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo's focus on air quality and comfort. Say goodbye to pungent resin odors infiltrating your living space, as the Revo comes equipped with an integrated air purifier and built-in exhaust vent, addressing both your printing requirements and ensuring a more pleasant setting. 

The in-build vent of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer

Image 6: The in-build vent of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer. Source: Phrozen.

The inclusion of an air purifier directly within the printing enclosure efficiently adsorbs resin fumes, promoting a cleaner workspace and elevating the overall printing experience. With these features, the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo not only delivers exceptional printing performance but also prioritizes user comfort and well-being, making it the ideal choice for professional printing environments.

User-friendly design

Experience unparalleled ease of use with the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo, designed with user-friendly features to streamline your printing process. The built-in interior light ensures optimal visibility of your models, even under camera scrutiny, facilitating precise monitoring and adjustment. With its lift-up lid, this printer combines space-saving design with convenience, allowing effortless access to the printing area.

The features of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer

Image 7: The features of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer. Source: Phrozen.

The incorporation of a ball screw mechanism guarantees ultra-stable printing, boasting a minimum pitch of 10 µm for exceptional precision and consistency. Furthermore, the sealed motor structure provides added protection against accidental resin leaks, safeguarding the integrity of your equipment. Navigate the printer's functions effortlessly with the intuitive 5" touch panel, offering a clear and spacious interface for seamless operation.

Video 2: The quick change of the LCD screen. Source: Phrozen.

Additionally, the 1-minute LCD replacement feature sets the Revo apart, eliminating the complexities often associated with screen replacement. With quick and hassle-free maintenance procedures, the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo ensures smooth and uninterrupted printing experiences, empowering users with unparalleled efficiency and convenience.

Next level efficiency

The Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer introduces cutting-edge features for efficient and precise printing in professional settings. With seamless mobile integration and smart sensors, it offers unparalleled control and adaptability. Its generous build volume and fast printing speed set new standards in additive manufacturing. The 10.1" LCD screen ensures clear visuals, while dual linear guide technology ensures stability and accuracy.

The precision and detail offered by the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer

Image 8: The precision and detail offered by the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer. Source: Phrozen.

Features like automatic leveling, an air purifier, and a heater optimize performance. The advanced detection system ensures flawless prints, and remote monitoring via a mobile app adds convenience. User-friendly features include built-in lighting, a lift-up lid, and a 5" touch panel. Maintenance is simplified with the 1-minute LCD replacement feature. Overall, the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo prioritizes performance, safety, and ease of use, making it suitable for various professional applications.

The user should make sure that the printing environment is dry and well ventilated, and that the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer is placed on a flat surface, out of direct sunlight. User safety is of utmost importance, so in order to safely 3D print with the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer, gloves, a mask, protective goggles and long sleeved clothes should be used whenever resin is handled.

Sanitizing alcohol and tissue paper can be used to clean the resin vat and the build plate of the Sonic Mighty 14K Revo printer. Proper lubrication is crucial for the proper functioning of the axes. The Z-axis T-screw (previously wiped with a dry tissue or cloth) should be lubricated with SuperLube by Loctite or other similar product.

Due to the nature of this product, should the user require support for this product, we may have to refer the user to the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Phrozen
Model Sonic Mighty 14K Revo
Technology LCD
Certifications -
Printer Properties
Print Volume 223 x 126 x 235 mm
Laser Power -
Light Source Projection Light LED Module
Screen 5" Touchscreen
Electronics -
Firmware Phrozen OS
Resin Level Control
Auto Leveling
Integrated Webcam
Printing Properties
Positioning Resolution (XY) 16.8 µm x 24.8 µm
Positioning Resolution (Z) -
Layer Height 0.01 – 0.30 mm
Precision -
Max. Printing Speed 450 layers/hour
Resin Storage Temperature -
Operating Humidity -
Operating Ambient Temperature -
Software and Connectivity
Software CHITUBOX V2.0 or higher
Compatible Files .CTB / .PRZ
Connectivity USB / Ethernet / WiFi
Electrical Properties
Input DC 24 V ~ 5 A
Output -
Consumption -
Dimensions and Weight
Printer Dimensions 353 x 345 x 517 mm
Printer Weight 14.3 kg
HS Code 8477.5900


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