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  • Laser cutting machine Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s]

    Mr Beam Lasers

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    Laser cutter valid for a wide variety of applications and materials, and very easy to use.

    Many users of 3D printers need to complement their production with different machines to cover their entire market and offer a service that stands out from the rest. One of those machines is the laser cutter, a tool that complements the work that can be done by a 3D printer, with which you can cut and burn a large amount of materials.

    The conventional laser cutter is usually a machine for industrial use, with a high price and complex software that makes it difficult to use for personnel who are not specialised in this type of machinery.

    Mr Beam, a German company specialising in the development of laser cutting equipment, is renowned for the development of Mr Beam II, a desktop laser cutting and engraving machine that is compact and very easy to use, even for inexperienced users. This machine is an alternative to traditional laser cutters, applicable to a wide variety of jobs and materials.

    Mr Beam has gone on to develop upgrades to this equipment, leading up to the launch of Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s], its most advanced machine.

    Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s]

    Image 1: Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] laser cutter with air filter. Source: Mr Beam.

    Versatility and ease of use

    Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] is a laser cutting machine with a 5W (450 nm) shortwave laser, class 1, non-hazardous for the user, a large working surface of 500 mm x 390 mm, metal housing with a transparent safety cover covered with a protective foil, integrated camera, air filter system (optional) and CE certificate.

    The Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] laser cutter is delivered practically ready to use, only the laser head and the air filter system need to be connected. It is therefore considered plug and play.

    One of the advantages of the Mr Beam II laser cutter is that the designs or shapes to be cut or engraved can be made using any program or application. Once the design is finished, it must be exported with one of the following extensions: dxf, svg, g, gcode, gif, jpe, jpg, jpeg, bmp, nc, pcx, png and webp.

    After exporting the file, it has to be uploaded to the web application "Mr Beam Laser bench". Thanks to the integrated WLAN of the Mr Beam II laser cutting machine, the connection to the machine is fast and uninterrupted from any location.

    Video 1: Mr Beam II laser cutter - Source: Mr Beam.

    To make the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] laser cutter even easier to use, a camera is integrated into the safety cover, which makes it easier to align the design to be cut or engraved with respect to the sheet material.

    When the lid is open, the camera takes a picture of the work surface every few seconds and transmits the image directly to the web application, which allows the position and size of the design to be adjusted directly, a first for this type of machine. This also makes it possible to precisely engrave the desired area or to make the best possible use of the material to be cut, thus avoiding pieces of material that cannot be reused.

    Software Mr Beam

    Image 2: Mr Beam software. Source: Mr Beam.

    Compatibility with a wide variety of materials

    The Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] laser cutter has been tested (cutting and engraving) with more than 15 different materials with fantastic results. It must be taken into account that each material behaves in a particular way in front of the laser, which makes it necessary to vary the configuration. One of the advantages of the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] laser cutter is that it makes a backup copy of the material configuration defined by the user. In this way no materials are overwritten and no information is lost.

    The following table shows the main materials that can be used with this laser cutter and whether it is possible to cut and engrave them:

    Madera contrachapada Plywood Up to 3 mm Yes
    Madera de balsa Boat wood Up to 5 mm Yes
    Cuero Leather Up to 1 mm Yes
    Kraftplex Kraftplex Up to 3 mm Yes
    Papel Paper Yes Yes
    Fieltro Felt Up to 6 mm Yes
    Tela Cloth Up to 3 mm Yes
    Cartón gris Gray cardboard Up to 1 mm Yes
    Foamboard Foamboard Up to 6 mm No
    Acrílico Acrylic (Except transparent, white or blue) No  Yes
    Cartulina Cardboard Up to 5 mm Yes
    Látex Latex Up to 1 mm No
    Aluminio anodizado Anodized aluminum No Yes
    Espuma de caucho Foam rubber Up to 20 mm No
    Espejo Mirror No Yes
    Tela de basalto Basalt fabric Up to 1 mm No
    PVC PVC No No
    Polipropileno Polypropylene (except transparent) Up to 3 mm Yes
    PET PET (Except transparent) Up to 3 mm Yes
    PLA PLA (Except transparent) Up to 1 mm Yes
    ABS ABS (Except transparent) Up to 1 mm Yes
    Table 1: Compatible materials. Source: Mr Beam

    High speed

    Compared to previous versions of Mr Beam II, Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] increases its working speed by up to 50% on a wide variety of materials, and even in the case of felt or slate, it would reach a 100% increase. This is due to the new Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] head, which is more powerful than its predecessors.

    Cabezal láser

    Image 3: Mr Beam II Dreamcut head [s]. Source: Mr Beam.

    In addition, users who have a Mr Beam II Dreamcut laser cutting and engraving machine can upgrade their machines by installing this head, which can be purchased separately. In this way, users of the previous version of Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] can enjoy the power and speed offered by this new laser.


    Inevitably, while the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] is cutting and recording, smoke is produced. For this reason it is recommended to purchase the air filtration system, which keeps the air inside the space where the cutter is located clean, odour and smoke free. The air filtration system has a combined HEPA and activated carbon filter inside, which eliminates all possible odours and harmful particles generated during the cutting or laser engraving process. This type of filter is also widely used in industrial 3D printers, where parts are made with advanced materials that release fumes and odours that are harmful to people. A hose is supplied with each laser cutter that connects directly to the filter system. Although not recommended, the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] can be used indoors without the air filtration system by placing the smoke exhaust hose in an open window.

    The Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] is a laser cutting and engraving machine ideal for people working in the industrial sector (architects, designers or engineers), users who make models, artistic pieces or final products, or educational centres where, thanks to the features and safety offered by this equipment, students can carry out various projects encouraging their creativity.

    All doubts that may arise during the use of this laser cutter are resolved in this link.

    ModelMr Beam II Dreamcut [s]
    Manufacturer Mr Beam Lasers GmbH (Germany)
    Technology Laser cutter
    Certificates CE
    Cutter properties
    Print volume 500 x 390 x 38 mm
    Maximum workpiece height 38 mm
    Maximum load on the work surface 4 kg
    Maximum sound level 70 dB(A)
    Webcam Yes
    Laser properties
    Laser class of the entire device 1
    Laser class of source 4
    Wavelength 450 +- 5 nm
    Power 5 W
    Cutting and engraving properties
    Positioning resolution (XY) -
    Positioning resolution (Z) -
    Layer height -
    Max speed chopped up -
    Max camera temperature -
    Working environment temperature 15ºC - 35ºC
    Atmospheric humidity 30% - 60%
    Software and conectivity
    Software Mr Beam Laserbench
    Compatible files .dxf, .svg, .g, .gco, .gcode, .gif, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp, .nc, .pcx, .png, .webp
    Conectivity WLAN
    Electrical properties
    Input 19 V
    Output -
    Consumption 65 - 90 W
    Dimesions and weight
    Cutter dimensions 725 x 538 x 170 mm
    Cutting weight 9.5 kg
    Package dimensions -
    Package weight -
    HS Code 8477.5900
    Package content 1x Mr Beam II
    1x Laser head
    2x Keys
    1x Focus Tool
    1x Power cable
    1x Power supply
    1x Ventilation house
    2x Screws
    2x Washer
    1x Suction socket
    1x Mr Beam Air Filter System (Air filtration system kit)
    1x Cable Mr Beam Air Filter System (Air filtration system kit)

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