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Powerful air filtering system for advanced users of the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s]/[x].

Cutting and engraving with Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s]/[x] inevitably generates smoke and harmful particles. Although unfiltered fumes can be extracted by simply placing the supplied hose through a window, this is not recommended. Instead, it is highly recommended to purchase the professional Mr Beam Air Filter III air filtration systemby Mr Beam Lasers.

Video 1: The Mr Beam Air Filter III. Source: Mr Beam Lasers.

Apart from being compatible with the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s]/[x], the Air Filter III can also be used with third-party laser cutting and engraving machines and 3D printers with the help of the Air Filter Controller. This device can be purchased in a bundle with Air Filter III or separately.

How does it work?

What sets apart the new Air Filter III from the Air Filter II is the air extraction process. In the Air Filter III, air is drawn from the Mr Beam housing, travels through the exhaust hose to the rear of the air filter system via a bottom-mounted fan. Initially, the air passes through a vertically oriented pre-filter before entering the main filter from both sides, maximizing the available surface area.

The anatomy of Air Filter III

Image 1: The anatomy of Air Filter III. Source: Mr Beam Lasers.

The pre-filter's task is to remove all coarse particles. Finally, the purified air is drawn in from the bottom of the main filter where fine dust and odors are filtered with the help of HEPA and activated carbon filters. After this two-stage purification, the clean air is blown out on the underside of Mr Beam Air Filter III.

How is it different from Air Filter II?

While the Air Filter II is well-suited for hobbyists or those who process materials with minimal material abrasion, the Air Filter III caters to advanced users, intense use and tasks with high material abrasion. Due to its larger filters and more powerful fan for increased air flow, Mr Beam Air Filter III is not only more efficient but also requires less frequent filter replacements. Over time, the cost of filter replacement is reduced significantly as the lifespan is nearly four times longer.

A concise video tutorial on how to change the filters in the Mr Beam Air Filter III is available on the manufacturer's YouTube channel.

Video 1: How to change the filters in Mr Beam Air Filter III. Source: Mr Beam.

It is important to note that the filters will have to be changed with more frequency if the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [x] machine or laser head is used.

The complete user manual can be found in the Downloads section of this products.

ModelMr Beam Air Filter III Air Filter
Compatibility Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s]
Mr Beam II Dreamcut [x]
Manufacturer Mr Beam Lasers
Technology 2-stage filtration
Electrical Properties
Input 19 V
Output -
Power Consumption 90 W
Dimensions and Weight
Air Filter Dimensions 335 x 525 x 565 mm
Air Filter Weight 19 Kg
Package Dimensions -
Package Weight -
Package Contents x 1 Mr Beam Air Filter III
x 1 Exhaust air hose
x 1 Mr Beam Air Filter System Cable
x 1 Power Cable
x 1 Power Supply
4 screws, 4 washers, and 2 Mr Beam suction nozzles

x 1 Controller (for devices other than Mr Beam Lasercutter)
HS Code 8477.5900


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