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MR Beam II Dreamcut [x] 10 W laser head for retrofitting for the model MR Beam II Dreamcut / [s].

Many users of 3D printers need to complement the 3D printing workflow with other devices for greater flexibility and production versatility. A common complement is a laser cutter, such as the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s], a desktop laser cutting and engraving machine that is compact and very easy to use, even for inexperienced users. This machine is an alternative to traditional laser cutters, applicable to a wide variety of jobs and materials such as plywood, leather, paper, felt, foamboard, acrylic, cardboard, latex, anodized aluminum, PVC, PET, PLA, ABS, and more.

Video 1: The Mr Beam II Dreamcut [x] laser head. Source: Mr Beam.

With this powerful laser head the users of Mr Beam II Dreamcut and Mr Beam II Dreamcut [s] can retrofit their device to cut wood even faster and cut thicker materials than before. It is also possible to process white acrylic or plywood of up to an 8 mm thickness. This laser head uses a 10 W (450 nm) shortwave laser, class 1, non-hazardous for the user, and is delivered with or without a 90 W power supply, depending on the option chosen by the user upon purchase.

A shape cut out with the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [x] laser head

Image 1: A shape cut out with the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [x] laser head. Source: Mr Beam.

It is also very important to note that due to the power of this laser head, the cutting mat is not suitable and instead a suitable alternative such as the Mr Beam magnetic clips should be used for user's safety.

It must be kept in mind that higher throughput also involves increased material abrasion. This is why the users of the Mr Beam Air Filter will need to empty the filter more often.

A useful guide on how to clean the Mr Beam laser heads can be found on the manufacturer's website.

General information
Manufacturer Mr Beam Lasers
Type Laser head for retrofitting
Compatibility MR Beam II Dreamcut
Built-in camera -
Laser 10 W
Laser class 1
Wavelength 450 nm
Laser point dimensions -
Maximum working speed -
Working temperature -
Work area -
Connectivity -
Supported files dxf., svg., g., gcode., gif., jpe., jpg., jpeg., bmp., nc., pcx., png. and webp
Compatible materials Plywood, Balsa wood, Leather, Kraftplex, Paper. Felt, Cloth, Grey cardboard, Foamboard, Acrylic (except transparent, white or blue), Cardboard, Latex, Anodised aluminium, Foam rubber, Mirror, Basalt cloth, PVC, Polypropylene (except transparent), PET (except transparent), PLA (except transparent), ABS (except transparent)
Dimensions -
Weight -
HS Code 8477.9


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