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Digital humidity and temperature monitor


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This digital monitor shows the humidity and temperature in the work room or the filament.

In 3D printing it is very important to know at all times in what state is the work room and the material, more specifically the temperature and humidity. That is why we recommend the use of the temperature and humidity monitor.

Maintaining stable the temperature of the space where the 3D printer is located and the filament is key so as not to have deviations in the configuration and to deteriorate the material, since, as many users of 3D printers the variation of the temperature of 5 ºC of the environment It can affect the quality of the realization of a piece, becoming a failed impression.

Measures of the digital temperature and humidity monitor

Image 1: Measures of the digital temperature and humidity monitor

More important is the relative humidity contained in the filament, if the percentage is high, when doing work appear the typical problems due to excess concentration of moisture. This moisture affects the final mechanical properties of the part and causes a soft and many-pored surface finish, caused during printing when the water inside the filament suddenly evaporates at the exit of the extruder. This water can oxidize certain elements of the extruder, such as hardened steel nozzle. Therefore, it is advisable to use the temperature and humidity meter, which displays the current, maximum and minimum humidity, among other values, on its screen. To make the reading more accurate, the filament and the meter should be placed inside a transparent container for 30 minutes. The ideal relative humidity value is 10 - 12%, especially in the case of advanced materials or nylons.

The temperature and humidity meter is made of a durable and resistant plastic material (white ABS)  and a clear vision LCD screen. This screen shows the current measurement, the maximum and minimum temperature (º Fahrenheit or º Celsius) and the relative humidity (%).

If, when measuring the humidity, high or not recommended values are found, greater than 20% in conventional materials (PLA or ABS) or greater than 15% in advanced materials or nylons, it is advisable to eliminate excess moisture with the PrintDry filament dryer. Once it has reached low relative humidity values, close to 10%, it is advisable to store the coils in hermetic containers with vacuum sealing to prevent the filament from absorbing humidity again from the environment.

Color White
Memory function Yes
Temperature Resolution 0,1ºC
Measurement Range -50 to 70ºC
Measurement accuracy ±1ºC
Size 120 x 70 x 25 mm
HS Code 9025.1

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