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  • BQ Hephestos 2 - KIT of 3D Printer

    Hephestos 2


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    Second evolution of Prusa i3, the most popular 3D printer RepRap community. 

    The kit contains all the necessary elements to be able to assemble and operate your own 3D printer easily. It also contains a manual that explains step by step procedure to be followed during the assembly process. On the software necessary BQ Hephestos 2 printer supports multiple free software: Cura software, Slic3r.

    This version has a new metallic design, making it more stable and more stylish. The use of aluminium and steel provide a professional finish. It also, has a large print volume reaching 210mm (x-axis) * 297mm (y-axis) * 220mm (z-axis). 

    Hephestos 2 can print 3D pieces with most filaments. This is largely due to the new extruder that incorporates a Double Drive Gear traction system. This component consists of two gearwheels that press and pull the filament along through the Hot-End. This way, Hephestos 2 can easily print flexible materials.

    On the other hand, it has new features: auto-levelling, manual levelling using inductive sensor exclusively designed for 3D printing, power-saver system. As for electronics, all components are integrated into just one board: Zum Mega 3D. In addition, it has micro-USB connection type B or SD card reader.

    BQ Hephestos 2 hardware is made with 100% free, you can modify and evolve all you want.BQ is still believes in the growing community committed to sharing RepRap and all improvements without putting limits to knowledge. All improvements made in the printer have been released. 

    The shipping time can range from 10 to 20 days depending on the availability of the selected model.

    This kit contains everything you need to build your own 3D printer and begin to realize your ideas, to power 3D printing. The Hephestos 2 has an assembly time of approximately 2 hours.

    In the following link you can access all the support offered by the manufacturer BQ.

    You can download the assembly guide in the following download link.

    • Maximum recommended print speed: 200 mm/s* (* Subject to materials, profiles and software used)
    • Resolution:

    Very High 50 microns
    High 100 microns
    Medium 200 microns
    Low 300 microns

    • Dimensions:

    Printer without coil PLA (X x Y x Z): 450 x 516 x 571 mm
    Printer coil PLA (X x Y x Z): 450 x 605 x 661 mm
    Print volume: 210 x 297 x 220 mm
    Box: 627 x 465 x 207 mm

    • Materials: Filaments of 1.75 mm diameter (PLA, Wood, Filaflex, etc.)
    • Mechanical Extruder:

    Own design extruder with Double Drive Gear
    Finned dissipator with axial fan
    0.4 mm nozzle for 1.75 mm filament
    Printed cooling blower
    Sensor specifically designed for 3D printing (auto-levelling)

    • General mechanics:

    Powder-coated aluminium base and frame
    Hard chromed bars for the Y axis
    Lineal ball bearing for the Y axis
    Recirculating ball bearing guides with flat runner for the X and Z axes
    Cable chain
    Flexible couplings for the screwed rods of the Z axis
    3-point print bed levelling system with shock absorber
    Rapid system for changing print bed

    • Electronics:

    BQ Zum Mega 3D controller
    BQ Zum Inductive Sensor to aid levelling of the bed
    LCD screen with rotary encoder with push button for navigation
    100K thermistor on the hot-end
    Heater cartridge: 40 W, 12 V

    • Software:

    Power-saver system
    Firmware derivative Marlin
    Supported file: .gcode
    Recommended environment: Cura Software, Slic3r.
    Supported operating systems: Windows XP and higher, Mac OS X and above and Linux

    • Communications: SD card reader and USB Type B port
    • Box contents: Assembly guide, warranty, structural elements, 4 GB SD card , 2 cleaning needles, spatula and gloves
    • Weight: 16kg


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