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  • HiPS Smartfil SUPPORT

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    This is a HIPS specially designed for improved properties as a supporting material.

    HIPS Smartfil SUPPORT filament (1.75mm or 2,85mm) is a HIPS (polystyrene) specially designed for improved properties as supporting material. Unlike material without additive HIPS, SUPPORT doesn´t present warping effect, dissolved in D-Limonene  much faster and is compatible with a wider variety of materials (PLA, ABS, FilaFlex, Nylon, PETG, EP, etc).

    Include its temperature slightly lower than any normal filament HIPS (220-240ºC) and its lower temperature printing required in the hot bed (50-100 ºC). Like all HIPS filaments has a high print resolution.

    HIPS filaments have affinity with ABS, HIPS hence be used as support ABS parts. And however the PVA is used as support parts PLA. This is because the thermal affinity between materials. Well, the HIPS Smartfil SUPPORT (1.75mm or 2.85mm) supports more material than is normal HIPS, so it is ideal for use with most 3D printing materials as support material.

    Besides this filament HIPS Smartfil SUPPORT (1.75mm or 2.85mm) is dissolved in D-Limonene up to 3 times faster than a normal HIPS. Therefore allows unworkable forms a soluble support material and will be realized once the piece is immersed in D-Limonene and HIPS SUPPORT disappear, leaving the piece without any support material with a high surface quality.

    By way of comparison with the other two materials used as support material / support are used today (PVA and HIPS Normal):

    The main advantages of HIPS Smartfil SUPPORT filament with respect to PVA are its lower cost, greater compatibility with different materials (not just PLA) and is not affected by moisture so it does not lose its properties.

    As for the main advantages of the filament HIPS SUPPORT Smartfil  with Normal HIPS  it is dissolving 3 times faster in D-Limonene, which no warping effect, which is compatible with a wider range of materials (not only ABS) and you can print faster with the same print resolution.


    Support Smartfil Data Sheet _ES

    Data sheet Hips Support Smartfil in Spanish

    Support Smartfil Data Sheet_EN

    Data sheet Hips Support Smarfil in English

    Support SMF Safety Data Sheet_ES

    Safety Data Sheet in Spanish Hips Support Smartfil

    Support SMF Safety Data Sheet_EN

    Safety Data Sheet in English Hips Support Smartfill

    The temperature of the nozzle should be between 220 and 240 °C. As in the case of Normal HiPS , the need to use a hot bed at a temperature of about 50-100°C. Although not present a high warping effect is advisable to use  BuildTak or Dimafix  to eliminate warping effect on printing.

    • Plastic Type: SUPPORT = HIPS (70%) + Calcium Carbonate_CaCO3 (30%)
    • Manufacturer: In Spain by "Smart Materials 3D" with the most sophisticated current manufacturing technologies.
    • Color: Natural
    • Diameter: 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm
    • Nozzle temperature: 220 -240 ° C
    • Temperature bed based printing: 50 - 100
    • Diameter Tolerance: ± 0.03mm (1.75mm) and ± 0.05mm (2,85mm)
    • Format: Pack of 50 grams or coil 750gr
    • Density (ISO 1183): 1.05 g / cm3
    • Diameter of 750 gr spool: 200mm
    • Width of 750gr spool: 70mm
    • Inner 750gr spool diameter hole: 55mm
    • Weight for 750gr spool Shipping: 1.3 Kg
    • HS Code: 3916.9


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