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Extruder with high performance thanks to its Dual-Drive system and planetary gear reducer system.

The Bondtech QR is an extruder available for filaments 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm and 3 mm that presents a high performance thanks to its Dual-Drive system and planetary gear reducer system, something innovative in the world of 3D printing . This extruder uses gears of hardened steel of great geometric pressure machined by CNC and a ratio of 5: 1, ideal for all types of materials. Whether you need to make high-resolution prints with small-diameter nozzles or high-volume prints with large nozzle diameters and high-speed retractions, this dual-gear system provides really fast and accurate extrusions and retractions.

Bondtech QR Standar 1,75 mm Extruder

Image 1: Bondtech QR Standar 1,75 mm Extruder. Source: Bondtech

The Bondtech QR continues with the development of compact and powerful extruders, started by E3D-Online with the Titan Extruder and the Titan Aero. The Titan Aero revolutionized the world of 3D printing by offering a very small extruder compared to Greg Wade, with an improved gear ratio (3:1), transparent front cover and tight tolerances between the feed gear and the body of the extruder to be able to use flexible materials without problems. The QR has almost all these advantages and the older has the Dual-Drive system and an electric motor with a reducer to become a versatile extruder and valid for all kinds of situations.

Here are the most important aspects of the Bondtech QR extruder:

Bondtech Dual-Drive

The Dual-Drive system offers the constant thrust of the filament without the fear of biting too much or skidding, even in the most demanding conditions, such as long-lasting 3D prints with thousands of retractions, with great precision and without any degradation. in the filament or in the piece.

2.85mm Dual-Drive Gears

Image 2: 2.85mm Dual-Drive Gears. Source: Bondtech

Multi-material capacity

The Bondtech QR is able to transfer all types of material with total confidence, from slippery nylons and flexible filaments (TPU / TPE) to filaments of high mechanical strength that contain carbon fiber, very rigid and sometimes brittle. This extruder is designed for filaments of 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm / 3 mm, but Bondtech ensures that it is able to move filaments with large diameter tolerances, which gives a high security when it comes to printing. This large diameter deviation only occurs in low quality filaments. The path of the filament to the HotEnd is completely guided along the extruder, since the gap between the Dual-Drive and the casing is adjusted to the maximum to mitigate the possibilities of feeding error when using flexible materials or the extrusion speed she's very tall.

Adjustable tension

The manual adjustment screw allows the user to set the pressure  exerted between the two transmission gears of the filament. The user can choose the pressure according to their preferences and the material they want to use.

Quick changes

The Bondtech QR has an easy-access lever that simply presses it to release the tension between the gears and the filament. This causes the filament change to take place in a matter of seconds.

Direction of the feeding

The Bondtech QR is able to feed with the same rapidity and precision in both directions, which allows the fully versatile and adaptive assembly to all types of 3D printers FDM / FFF.

Multi-application design

his extruder can be used for both Direct or Bowden type extruder systems, giving users the flexibility for all types of 3D printers. In addition, the QR Extruder is designed to use the powerful HotEnds v6 E3D-Online or othe HotEnds that meet the Groove Mount standard. Mounting the HotEnd V6 E3D-Online in the Bondtech QR extruder is very simple.

Flexible mounting

The new Bondtech QR extruder offers the possibility of being installed in the vast majority of 3D printers FDM / FFF on the market thanks to the fact that there is a wide range of mounting brackets depending on the model of the 3D printer of each user, for example, QR Ultimaker 2, QR Ultimaker 3 or QR BCN3D Simga. Like the Titan Aero extruder, Bondtech QR presents a standard and an opposite version (Miror), which is very practical for double extruder systems.

Bondtech QR Ultimaker 2 Extruder

Image 3: Bondtech QR Ultimaker 2 Extruder. Source: Bondtech

The assembly of the Bondtech QR extruder to a 3D printer FDM / FFF ensures the elimination of the problems of the typical conventional extruders: difficulties to print flexible materials, medium-low speeds of printing and retraction, discontinuous flow, process of uncomfortable filament change and slow, etc.

For all those users who want to get the most out of their 3D printer (especially Bowden) and make incredible pieces with any material and very quickly, the Bondtech QR extruder is one of your best options.

The following video shows how to mount the HotEnd E3D v6 in the Bondtech QR extruder:

Video 1: HotEnd v6 assembly at Bondtech QR. Source: Bondtech
Manufacturer Bondtech
Diameter 1.75 or 2.85 mm
Compatibility HotEnd v6, HotEnd Volcano, GrooveMount
Types of assembly Estándar, Mirror, Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 3 or BCN3D Simga
Type of operation Dual-Drive
Weight 500 g
HS Code 8477.2

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