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Original E3D extruder optimized for all types of filaments and compatible with HotEnd E3D.

The original E3D Titan is an extruder designed and manufactured to improve and facilitate both 3D printing and maintenance of the extruder. At the start of the design, the E3D brand was set to meet requirements to get just what they wanted: a new and improved extruder concept.

The first requirement was to continue using the Greg's Wade's gear system for its extruders since, although it is of a larger size and weight than other systems, it has an unmatched performance against adverse conditions and viscous filaments. In addition, it was proposed to reduce the weight and size of the extruder, as well as direct drive of the motor on the pinion that moves the filament to minimize the inertias when moving; So that it is compatible with the vast majority of 3D printers on the market. Another requirement of the E3D brand has been to take advantage of the high speed of the E3D Volcano HotEnd E3D, varying the ratio of transmission to solve the problem of needing large accelerations in the motor of the extruder. Also obtaining greater loading filament in the extruder and regulating the tension on it, so that it was able to print all kinds of materials without problems. And finally, getting the cost of the extruder was not excessive.

To achieve all the objectives described above, E3D opted for quality parts machined by CNC and in technical thermoplastics.

The gear system is compact and precise thanks to the previous study carried out by E3D, the material used, steel and delrin (thermoplastic engineering POM), and of course, its manufacture by CNC, which gives it a great mechanical adjustment. The use of direct drive of the motor on the displacement pinion of the filament helps to have no problems of loss of movement. Also, E3D has chosen a 3:1 transmission ratio, offering greater filament displacements with fewer engine turns, compared to the usual ratio used in these cases (5:1). Thanks to this and the use of the original HotEnd E3D Volcano, much shorter print times are achieved than with conventional systems. All this is accompanied by the absence of noise due to the use of ball bearing of high efficiency and to the assembly and precise manufacture of the gears.

Gear ratio Titan

Image 1: Gear ratio. Source: E3D

The teeth of the shaft which moves the filament of a conventional extruder are manufactured by a method of making threads which consists in rotating the shaft against a defined thread die, which is not a fully suitable process for use in an extruder. This type of manufacture is used to make threads in screws, not for extrusion teeth, as this type of profile accumulates material between their teeth and does not present a good grip of the filament. Instead of this system, the E3D Titan has teeth CNC machined with a special design consisting of teeth with an upward curve with the very hard tip, which provides the safety of filament grip. The deep part of the teeth is round to avoid incrustations of sediments of material and to favor the cleaning of these. E3D has spent a lot of time on all these measures and the shape of the teeth, obtaining a great improvement of 3D printing, especially at low layer heights.

Teeth Titan

Image 2: Teeth. Source: E3D

The main body of the original E3D Titan extruder is made of delrin, a very strong and heat resistant engineering plastic that gives off the drive motor of the extruder.

Delrin body Titan

Image 3: Delrin body. Source: E3D

The front shell is made of transparent polycarbonate, a plastic known throughout the community for its strength and hardness, so that it withstands high temperatures and the friction of a shaft (splined shaft that moves the filament). By being transparent it allows to observe at all times what happens inside the extruder, which is very useful when using flexible materials that tend to coil.

Polycarbonate lid Titan

Image 4: Polycarbonate lid. Source: E3D

The tensioning lever is designed to provide high wear resistance as well as easy filament exchange. In it´s housed a bearing, of great quality not to stop the flow whatever the speed of impression, through which the filament passes.

Lever Titan

Image 5: Lever. Source: E3D

E3D uses NEMA17A motors even though there are more compact motors, since this type of motor possess better relation weight power than those of smaller size. In addition, most 3D printers on the market and the community use that engine, which, if an extruder is already available, can be used to upgrade a 3D printer without having to purchase another.

NEMA17 motor

Image 6: NEMA17 motor. Source: E3D

All of the above is summarized in that the E3D Titan Extruder Original is a high quality extruder, free from filament flow problems, easy to change (just pull by a lever and free to remove), easy pressure regulation and with front visual marker, plus validity for any type of 3D printing material.

Titan insides

Image 7: Titan insides. Source: E3D

The original E3D Titan Extruder is compatible with virtually all FDM / FFF 3D printers on the market.

For the bowden system an adapter (1.75mm or 3mm) is required.

If you do not have another extruder with a NEMA17 motor or do not want to disassemble the one you have, you must buy another one.

To attach the extruder to the z-axis rail, a special support for the Titan is required.

All the options mentioned above are available in the variations to choose from the product.

After mounting the original E3D Titan Extruder to the 3D printer, the height of the z axis must be adjusted (base leveling).

E3D offers a wiki with all the necessary information to correctly assemble the extruder in the following link:


Manufacturer E3D
Filament diameter 1.75 or 2.85 mm
Kit content Metal pieces:
 - 3 allen kyes(1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm)
 - Screws (3xM3x30, 3xM3x8, 3xM3x35, 1xM3x12, 1xM3x25, 1xM4 mariposa, 1xM4x10)
 - Main pinion and pinion motor
 - Bowden adapter

Plastics parts:
 - Titan body (preassembled with bearing and threaded insert)
 - Tensioning lever (preassembled with bearing)
 - Filament guides (1.75mm y 2.85mm)
 - Transparent lid
 - Mounting bracket
HS Code 8477.2


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