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Durable and robust PETG ideal for the 3D printing of functional parts.

The PETG filament by Filalab is a technologically superior material designed for uncompromising impact strength, durability, and precision for the 3D printing of functional parts suitable for demanding environments. The Filalab PETG is easy to print and comes in many vibrant colors, including translucid options.

A part 3D printed with the Filalab PETG in Galaxy Blue

Image 1: A part 3D printed with the Filalab PETG in Galaxy Blue. Source: Filalab.

What sets the Filalab PETG filament apart is its ability to elevate the visual appeal of 3D prints with the help of a a simple sanding process. The sanding give the parts a layer-free surface finish, accentuating the minute details of the design and delivering refined, professional-grade aesthetics. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to use this filament for very small parts.

A part 3D printed with the Filalab PETG in khaki green

Image 2: A part 3D printed with the Filalab PETG in khaki green. Source: Filalab.

Since Filalab takes pride in their commitment to environmentally responsible 3D printing, the Filalab PETG filament is engineered with sustainability in mind (and free from harmful components). It comes in a recycled carton box, wound onto a recycled ABS spool, vacuum-packed for protection against humidity. 

Elongation at break (%) 140
Tensile strength (MPa) 28
Flexural strength (MPa) 73
Flexural modulus (MPa) 2100

Once opened, the Filalab PETG filament should be stored properly to prevent it from absorbing moisture from the air. The best way to store filaments in a tightly sealed bag with desiccant, in a vacuum sealed container or in an intelligent filament container. During printing, the filament can be placed in PolyBox or the FilaDryer S2 filament dryer.

The manufacturer recommends printing PETG filament at 240-260 ºC on a bed heated to 75-90 ºC (best on glass with tape), with a printing speed of 50-100 mm/s and the layer fan at 0-50 %.

It is highly recommended to wear standard safety equipment during the printing and post-processing of parts 3D printed with the PETG filament - safety goggles, gloves, breathing equipment and protective garments, according to needs.

General information
Manufacturer Filalab
Material PETG
Format Spool of 1000 g
Density 1.27 g/cm³
Filament diameter 1.75 or 2.85 mm
Diameter tolerance ± 0.03 mm
Filament length (Ø 1.75 mm, 1 kg) 327.4 m
(Ø 2.85 mm, 1 kg) 123.4 m
Colour Translucid, white, black, grey, yellow, orange, red, burgundy red, blue, green, khaki green, neon green, galaxy red, galaxy blue, galaxy green
RAL/Pantone  -
Printing properties
Printing temperature 240-260 ºC
Base/bed temperature 75-90 ºC
Chamber temperature
Layer fan 0-50 %
Print speed 50-100 mm/s
Nozzle diameter -
Mechanical properties
Izod impact resistance -
Charpy impact resistance  -
Elongation at break (ASTM D638) 140 %
Tensile strength (ASTM D638) 28 MPa
Tensile modulus -
Bending strength (ASTM D790) 73 MPa
Flexural modulus (ASTM D790) 2100 MPa
Surface hardness -
Thermal properties
Softening temperature  -
Melting temperature -
Specific properties
Flammability -
Additional information
HS Code 3916.9
Spool diameter (outside) -
Spool diameter (inner bore) -
Spool width -

* The typical values detailed in this table should be considered as a reference. Actual values may vary depending on the 3D printer model used, part design and printing conditions. We recommend confirming the final results and properties with your own tests. For further information please refer to the product data sheet.


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