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Fixative substance designed for 3D printing with FDM / FFF technology for heated bed.

Dimafix is a fixative solution designed for the FDM/FFF 3D printing technology with heated bed in order to eliminate the effect "warping". It is considered "intelligent" because its adhesion properties vary depending on the hot bed temperature. Dimafix is available in stick/pen format (90 ml) as well as in spray format (400 ml).

Video 1: A demonstration of Dimafix in both formats. Source: Tu rincón 3d. 

Dimafix has a binding properties up to 100 times more than conventional lacquers, thereby minimizing deformation ("warping") in large parts or materials with many internal tensions. It has been tested successfully on materials which tend to exhibit the warping effect as ABS, Nylon, FilaFlex, Polypropylene, HIPS, PVA, etc.

Adhesive power curve

There are four printing base temperature ranges that condition the adhesion power of the Dimafix pen/stick:

Adhesive power curve for the Dimafix pen

Image 1: Adhesive power curve for the Dimafix pen. Source: Dimafix.
  • Range 1: <65°C. Zone of self-detachment of the part. Adherence within this temperature range is very weak.
  • Range 2: 65 ºC - 85 ° C. Average adhesion area. Dimafix starts to take effect up from the temperature of 65 ºC. This temperature range it is recommended for simple parts without sharp edges or complex geometries.
  • Range 3: 85 ºC - 95 °C. High adhesion area. You can print any type of geometry, especially those whose base dimensions do not exceed 200 x 200mm.
  • Range 4: 95 ºC - 130 ºC. Maximum grip area. You can print any type of geometry and dimensions. In this range the bonding stress of the printing surface of the 3D printer with the workpiece is high, withstanding any stress concentration factor.

A very valuable feature of the Dimafix adhesive solution is that the model can be easily removed after printing (as soon as the printing base cooled down), and the printing base can be easily cleaned (glass bases) since Dimafix is soluble in water. The Dimafix stick gives approximately 100 uses.

To apply Dimafix, the following instructions should be considered:

  • Shake before applying.
  • Ensure that the bed is below 50ºC.
  • Wait a few seconds for the printing surface to dry and heat the printing bed.
  • Refer to the table with recommended temperatures for Dimafix based on the piece to be printed. The product starts working from 65ºC.
  • When the bed cools enough (<40ºC), pieces may detach on their own.
  • It's not necessary to remove the product from the 3D printer bed after printing, just replenish it in the areas where it was previously printed.
  • If you want to clean the bed, the product can be easily removed with a cloth soaked in water.
Manufacturer DIMA3D
Content 90 ml
HS Code 3305.3


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