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The base of adhesion for PP allows to realize pieces of big size without the dreaded effect warping.

All users of 3D printing who have tried to make parts with PP know that it is a material very prone to detach from the base, especially at the corners (warping effect). But, this problem has finally been solved thanks to the PP printing foil, PP base of adhesion for PPprint.

The printing surface of PPprint is presented as an alternative to the specific glues for polypropylene, such Smart Stick or Magigoo PP.  This printing base allows to make large pieces without the usual problem, the warping effect. This effect causes the corners of the piece to be detached from the base by internal contractions of the material, due to the change in temperature during printing. The base of adherencia for PP, base formed mainly by PP, offers his greater power of adherencia when warming up to 60ºC.

The PPprint base for PP adhesion includes a double-sided adhesive sheet, ideal for adhering the PP sheet to any type of printing base. To use it, it is absolutely necessary to use the metal roller, a really useful element for the installation of the printing base and which is also essential to ensure that the adhesion base for PP is completely smooth, free of irregularities and ready to print PP filament about her.

It is recommended to use the base PP of PPprint at the time of printing with any filament of polypropylene (PP) as it is a sheet that is installed easily and ensures that the pieces made on it are free of deformations .

For the installation of the adhesion base for PP, the following steps must be followed:

  • Glue the double-sided adhesive sheet to the printing base.
  • Glue the adhesion base for PP with the logo up on the adhesive sheet and pass the metal roller on the sheet evenly and with a certain pressure to equalize the surface.
  • Level the print base again.

It is recommended to use a base temperature of 50-70ºC to obtain the maximum possible adhesion power.

The adhesion base for PP can also be used to print PLA.

Manufacturer PPprint (Germany)
Package content 
(Bonding base for PP)
1x Bonding base for PP
1x Double-sided adhesive sheet
Measurements 203x203 mm
254x228 mm (Prusa Mk3s+)
304x304 mm (Raise3D PRO2)
330x240 mm (Raise3D E2)
Package content 
(Metallic roller)
1x Metallic roller
HS Code 3506.9


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