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Professional standalone 3D scanner with large RAM and additional accessories.

The MIRACO PRO 3D scanner, created by Revopoint, represents an innovative approach to 3D scanning, aiming to transform how industry experts capture intricate details and extensive surfaces. The scanner's cutting-edge quad-depth camera and structured infrared light system simplify the scanning process, removing the necessity for multiple devices and time-consuming procedures. This scanner offers a smooth and efficient experience for scanning objects of different sizes, showcasing superior precision and adaptability in the industry.

Video 1: The MIRACO PRO 3D scanner by Revopoint. Source: Revopoint.

The MIRACO PRO scanner provides unmatched precision designed to meet various project demands. It offers the flexibility to switch between modes, delivering outstanding accuracies that span from an incredible 0.02 mm for capturing intricate details to a rapid 0.5 mm accuracy for swift surface scanning. This adaptability guarantees efficient and precise outcomes, catering to a wide array of scanning needs.

The MIRACO scanner scans both big and small objects with equal precision

Image 1: The MIRACO scanner scans both big and small objects with equal precision. Source: Revopoint.

The MIRACO PRO scanner incorporates a 9-axis IMU. This configuration includes gyroscopes (for monitoring rotational changes), accelerometers (detecting alterations in velocity), and magnetometers (mitigating magnetic interference) along three axes. This setup enhances the accuracy of positioning, enabling the scanner to precisely ascertain its spatial position, orientation, and motion. Consequently, this advancement improves the precision of 3D scanning results.

MIRACO's 9-axis IMU ensures ultimate precision

Image 2: MIRACO PRO's 9-axis IMU ensures ultimate precision. Source: Revopoint.

Equipped with a robust 8-core 2.8 GHz processor, a 32 GB of RAM (up to 10000 non-color frames and 8000 color frames), and a 256 GB hard drive, the MIRACO PRO scanner delivers swift scanning and processing capabilities. As opposed to the MIRACO scanner that only offers 16 GB of RAM, the MIRACO PRO is perfect for the scanning of large objects such as entire vehicles. The larger RAM of the MIRACO PRO scanner is better equipped to deal with the higher number of frames generates by such a large-scale scan. Furthermore, apart from the near-mode calibration board that comes with the MIRACO scanner, MIRACO PRO additionally comes with a far-mode calibration board and a large calibration board.

Video 2: How to use the near and far mode. Source: Revopoint.

Using the MIRACO PRO 3D scanner, users have the option to select from two exceptionally efficient scanning modes tailored to meet specific requirements. The single-shot mode streamlines the process of capturing objects, whether feature-rich or featureless, ensuring precise tracking, high accuracy, and minimal overlap in point clouds. Conversely, the continuous mode enables scanning at speeds of up to 15 frames per second (fps), making it perfect for swiftly generating models of particular areas and small objects.

Video 3: The MIRACO PRO single-shot scanning mode. Source: Revopoint.

The MIRACO PRO scanner effortlessly generates vibrant and highly detailed textured color 3D models utilizing its 48-megapixel 8K RGB camera. This camera is accessible in both single-shot mode, ensuring meticulous results, and continuous mode, facilitating rapid creation of color models.

Video 4: MIRACO PRO can produce astonishing colorful scans faithful to the original. Source: Revopoint.

The MIRACO PRO scanner combines portability with convenience, weighing a mere 750 g and featuring a durable 5000 mAh battery capable of sustaining up to 2 hours of standalone scanning. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of lugging around a laptop or managing cables. With 50 W fast charging, it achieves an 80% charge in a swift 35 minutes, guaranteeing uninterrupted scanning sessions. Users can effortlessly transition between turntable and handheld scanning, ensuring optimal hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and efficiency throughout the scanning process.

MIRACO PRO allows for displaying the image on a bigger screen

Image 3: MIRACO PRO allows for displaying the image on a bigger screen. Source: Revopoint.

Leverage advanced functionalities such as in-scanner post-processing of models, rapid WiFi 6 connectivity, USB type-C 3.1 for swift project transfers, and the capability to link with larger screens for improved visibility and presentations through the included USB type-C to HDMI adapter. Moreover, the MIRACO PRO features a 2K 6-inch AMOLED screen (active matrix of OLED pixels) that adjusts up to a 180º angle, facilitating convenient viewing and operations, including a selfie mode for scanning. Its output formats encompass PLY, OBJ, and STL, ensuring compatibility with various 3D printing workflows.

Video 5: How to scan problematic surfaces with MIRACO PRO. Source: Revopoint.

While the MIRACO PRO scanner stands as a robust tool, it does have its constraints. Despite its ability to withstand diverse conditions (ranging from temperatures of -10°C to 40°C and possessing an IP45 splash resistance rating), exposure to water or direct sunlight should be avoided. Additionally, scanning objects smaller than 10 x 10 x 10 mm is not recommended. Moreover, akin to any other 3D scanner, capturing highly reflective, black, or transparent objects might necessitate the usage of a 3D scanning spray such as the AESUB Transparent scanning spray. Adhering to these guidelines ensures optimal performance and dependable scanning outcomes.

The MIRACO PRO 3D scanner unlocks possibilities across various industries and applications, addressing the needs of professionals pursuing exceptional outcomes. In the aerospace sector, it accelerates inspections and repairs for aircraft, swiftly identifying wear and fatigue. In the automotive industry, it effortlessly captures entire vehicles or small components, facilitating precise repair, replication, prototyping, and quality control, eliminating the need for laborious manual measurements. In the realm of 3D animation, it accomplishes full-body scans in less than a minute or intricate facial scans, seamlessly converting them into animated 3D models suitable for game engines.

Video 6: MIRACO PRO is ideal 3D scanning in the automotive sector. Source: Revopoint.

In the field of preservation, the scanner enables the digitization of historical artifacts, capturing remarkable photorealistic color details. This process ensures the preservation or restoration of artifacts without direct contact, guarding against potential damage from traditional measuring techniques. Its applicability extends to education and research by facilitating the creation of content rich in media, whether for educational materials or research data, benefiting fields like paleontology. Moreover, in healthcare, the scanner proves invaluable in capturing body parts for prosthetic fittings, reconstructive surgery, and orthopedics. It demonstrates high resolution and accuracy, even in scanning small objects such as dental casts.

Regarding the installation, usage, and maintenance of the product, users can find many resources on the Revopoint YouTube channel and the Revopoint product support webpage.

In the Downloads section, you can find the user manual and a quick start guide for the MIRACO PRO 3D scanner.

General Information
Manufacturer Revopoint
Scanning Modes Manual scanning
Tripod scanning
Turntable scanning

Single-shot mode / Continuous mode

Feature/Marker/Color Alignment
Scanning Accuracy 0.05 mm
Resolution 0.05 mm
Scanning Speed Up to 15 fps
Working Distance 100-1000 mm
Scanner Size 200 x 50 x 110 mm
Weight 750 g
Scanning Area min. 10 x 10 x 10 mm
max. 4000 x 4000 x 4000 mm
Scanning Scope -
Frame Rate 15 FPS
Output Format .obj / .stl / .ply
Operating Temperature -
Package Contents 1x MIRACO scanner
1x tripod
1x USB Type-C to C cable (1.8 m)
1x USB Type-C to HDMI adaptor
1x USB Type-C dual-port power adapter 65W
1x mini turntable
1x turntable cover
1x turntable USB cable
1x near mode calibration plate
4x far mode calibration plate
1x large calibration plate
2x marker pens and magic pad
1x cleaning cloth
1x wrist strap
1x scanner bag
1x sample bust
1x Quick start guide and warranty card
Other Information
HS Code 8477.59


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