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Vanishing transparent scanning spray, eliminates reflections and preserves color and shape information.

AESUB Transparent is a state-of-the-art scanning spray by AESUB, specialists in the niche of 3D scanning solutions for problematic surfaces (indented, specular, transparent or reflective). AESUB Transparent is a vanishing dulling spray that temporarily mattes glossy surfaces.

Video 1: Scanning a bottle with AESUB Transparent. Source: AESUB.

This allows optical scanners to detect not only the contours of the object (thus avoiding missing parts in the rendered image) but also the color values.

Scanning a car light with AESUB TransparentScanning a car light with AESUB Transparent

Image 1: Scanning a car light with AESUB Transparent. Source: AESUB.

AESUB Transparent  is ideal not only for applications in 3D scanning but also in photogrammetry, film and photography. It is free of pigments and applies in a thin and homogeneous coating.

Scanning a rollerblade without and with AESUB TransparentScanning a rollerblade without and with AESUB Transparent

Image 2: Scanning a rollerblade without and with AESUB Transparent. Source: AESUB.

Since it is a self-evaporating spray, there is no need for cleaning the sprayed object or the scanning environment afterwards. This solution makes working with the AESUB Transparent spray extremely efficient and safe as it eliminates the risk of damaging fragile or precious objects such as antiques or artefacts, or contaminating spaces such as labs and workshops with pigment.

Just like all AESUB scanning sprays, AESUB Transparent can be used with any scanning equipment available on the market, be it a desktop 3D scanner with a rotating platform or tripod or a handheld 3D scanner

The AESUB Transparent scanning spray should be stored in a dry place at about 18-21 ºC, avoiding direct sunlight. In order to ensure user safety, proper room ventilation and breathing equipment should be used. The AESUB Transparent scanning spray should never be applied on hot or glowing objects, or come in contact with food. More technical and safety information can be found in the Downloads section.

Manufacturer AESUB
Quantity 400 mL
HS Code 3809.9
Danger and Caution Warnings Inflamable 
For further information, see product safety data sheet.


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