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  • Sharebot 42 - 3D Printer


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    3D printer ideal for professional users who demand high precision and high speed.

    Sharebot 42 is a 3D printer designed for professionals who want to combine high precision and speed. The main novelties that incorporate this 3D printer from Sharebot are its flexible and magnetic platform system that allow to comfortably remove the prints of the base, as well as advances in user experience such as wireless connectivity and remote management through a interface for PC, Tablet and Smartphone. Also incorporate a video camera with internet connection for the user to follow the online printing process.

    Another of the advances that incorporate the 3D printer Sharebot 42 is its automatic self-calibration system that allows to adjust in less than 15 seconds the height of the platform base. The extruder incorporates a filament sensor that paralyzes the printing and filament of the coil.

    Sharebot 42 3D printer allows easy exchange of nozzles (0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8) depending on the type of material, thus providing better print quality. On the other hand, its printing area is 250x200x200mm and the maximum printing speed of 24mm3 /s with a layer thickness of 0.05mm (Maximum printing resolution).

    This Sharebot 3D printer is completely assembled and is Plug & Play !,  it is only necessary to unpack it, remove the protection elements, place the printing base, load the file and start printing in 3D. Connect with a 3.2 " touch screen on which the user can manage their prints.

    It is a very versatile 3D printer so it reaches up to 280 °C extrusion and up to 90 ° C bed. While the bed temperature is a bit fair to print filaments like ABS, you can get to print. The delivery time from the confirmation of the order can vary between 2 and 5 weeks.

    In the following videos you can observe the main tips of use of the printer Sharebot 42:

    • Removing Sharebot42 packaging:

    • Installation: 

    • Printing plate autocalibration system (link)
    • Remote management (link)
    • Interchangeable nozzles (link)
    • Easy detach system:

    • Country of manufacture: In Italy by Sharebot
    • Color: Black
    • Technology: FDM - FFF
    • Maximum print size: 250x200x200 mm
    • Number of extruders: 1
    • Monitor: 3.2 "Touch Screen color LCD
    • Maximum printing speed: 24 mm3/s
    • Minimum layer thickness: 0.05 mm
    • Maximum printing temperature: Up to 270-280 ° C
    • Hot base bed: Up to 90 ° C
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm (interchangeable)
    • External dimensions: 450x420x470 mm
    • Weight: 38 kg
    • Materials: PLA, TPU, ABS*(Very limited bed temperature), etc...
    • File types: .stl, gcode
    • Printing base autocalibration system
    • Web interface with remote management
    • Direct printing from usb, internal memory and web
    • Integrated videocamera
    • Filament control detector
    • Removable magnetic printing base

    * Print volume dimensions may change slightly for technical reasons


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