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    In any 3D printer it is essential to perform maintenance to avoid failures (preventive maintenance) and to carry out repairs (corrective maintenance). For this, it is necessary to have specific products to perform these operations. 

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    Preventive and corrective maintenance

    Like any other type of machine, 3D printers have a maintenance to ensure that their operation is always optimal and make the most of the  time available to each user when making the parts they want.

    The time intervals and how to perform preventive maintenance are explained by the manufacturer in the manual of the 3D printer. Every user should keep in mind that carrying out preventive maintenance correctly avoids the majority of problems that arise during 3D printing. In case you need to make any repairs, you should also consult the manufacturer's manual or contact a specialist, because a bad repair can end up with the complete breakage of the 3D printer.

    Other important elements for 3D printing

    Within this category you can find a wide variety of products that complement and improve the experience of using a 3D printer.

    Certain filaments are prone to moisture absorption very easily. This rapid absorption greatly complicates the use of these materials and difficult to achieve good finishes in the pieces made. To solve this problem there are filament dryers that eliminate humidity and allow the use of the material directly in the 3D printer. Once the drying process is finished, it is advisable to store this type of material in an airtight container. On the other hand, there are also products that make pieces with different types of filaments in a printer with a single extruder (Mosaic Pallete 2) or give free rein to creativity by drawing directly in 3D, thanks to the 3D 3Doodler pen.