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    Filament made from wood fibers recreates a similar wood finish.

    Laywoo-D3 is a filament for 3D printing made from wood fibers (40%) and a binding polymer, that recreates a surface finish and similar to the texture of wood.

    The pieces obtained with Laywoo-D3 filaments can be sanded and painted. Also, if you modify the extrusion temperature slightly changes the surface color of the piece. The lower the extrusion temperature is obtained a lighter color and if the extrusion temperature is higher a surface color darker figure is obtained.

    Laywoo-D3 is especially suitable for 3D printing of decorative elements. Since the combination of the new geometries that can be manufactured through 3D printing and the various possibilities of surface finish offers Laywoo-D3 will enable you to create innovative decorative pieces.

    Unlike filament Timberfill Light Wood Tone this filament recreates a darker finish.

    Once the Laywoo-D3 used in the 3D printer filament, it is recommended to remove the remaining filament and proceed to extrude PLA for one minute at high temperature (230 ° C). This will eliminate the internal printhead any remaining Laywoo-D3 which can cause jams the nozzle. In the tab tips you can use encontrarar more information about how to use this in your 3D printer filament and get the best printing results.

    Printing with this filament is not as simple as with other types of plastics. You need to follow a few steps to avoid problems during and after printing.

    1. You need to use a nozzle at least 0.35mm in diameter, although it is best to use a 0.5mm diameter nozzle. Your printer should have the option of heating the base since it needed 40ºC for the phenomenon of "warping" does not occur. In addition to the base you must place Kapton Tape or 3DLac to ensure adhesion between the base and the workpiece.
    2. The filament is easily deformed, so it is advisable that the feeder your 3D printer you reduce the pressure on the filament so there are no excessive marks on the LayWoo-D3 filament. (It is also recommended print with direct drive to prevent facture filament itself because of its delicacy).
    3. The optimum temperature of the extruder may vary between 180 and 250C, but below 200C run the risk of jamming your extruder.
    4. Once you have finished printing, remove the LayWoo-D3 filament your 3D printer and load PLA filament for about 30 seconds to clear any remaining LayWoo-D3 that may remain within the extruder. If you do this you run the risk that the extruder is locked next time you want to print.
    • Plastic Type: Wood fibers and binding polymer
    • Color: Dark Wood
    • Transparency: Opaque
    • Diameter: 1,75 mm or 2,85 mm
    • Nozzle temperature: 180-250 ºC
    • Print base temperature: 40 ºC
    • Quantity: Roll of 250 gr or Pack of 50 gr
    • Spool diameter: 200 mm
    • Spool Width: 30 mm
    • Inner hole diameter: 125 mm
    • Shipping Weight: 0.4 Kg
    • Ships Dimensions: 220 x 220 x 40 mm
    • HS Code: 3916.9

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