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Cleaning needle for nozzles (0.3mm diameter).

All users of 3D printers have suffered the problem of the obstruction of the HotEnd sometime, having to resort even to disassemble it to solve the jam. To solve these bottlenecks and avoid having to disassemble the HotEnd there's a very effective and fast method, which is to use these precision needles. The precision needles are made of surgical stainless steel, strong enough to withstand the temperatures reached by the HotEnd.

The procedure to follow to eliminate the jam is:

  1. Heat the HotEnd to the extrusion temperature of the material that caused the jam.
  2. Insert the needle through the nozzle between 10mm and 30mm about 3 or 4 times.
  3. Check that the jam has been released by actuating the extrusion of a filament length of 100mm.
  4. In case of not obtaining a continuous flow, the entire process is carried out again.

Seen as simple is the process of unclogging a HotEnd with this method, we recommend that all users of a 3D printer have a cleaning needles.

In addition, for preventive use it is highly recommended to clean the extruder each time a material change is made with the SmartClean cleaning filamentn. In the artíicle df our blog it is explained how to avoid jams in the extruder always in a preventive way, since once caused the jam the only way to try to save the nozzle is with acetone in case the plastic is ABS or with a needle accuracy for the rest of materials (also for ABS).

Therefore, this is the ideal product to try to give a second life to the extruders after a jam.

Nozzle cleaning needles are sold by the unit.

Material Surgical stainless steel
Dimensions 0.30 x 75 mm
Diameter  0.30 mm
Quantity 1 unit
HS Code 9018.9

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