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Official borosilicate glass replacement for the printing base of BCN3D 3D printers.

BCN3D 3D printers have an official replacement for their printing base. This base is made of borosilicate glass, popular for its high resistance compared to other glasses due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion.

The glasses are specific for use in BCN3D Sigma (for a printing volume of 210 x 297 mm) and Sigmax (for a printing volume of 420 x 297 mm) printers, as they have built-in metal positioners for the correct fitting of the glass into the base structure of the 3D printer.

Installation of the printing surface on the Sigma 3D printer

Image 1: Installation of the printing surface on the Sigma 3D printer. Source: BCN3D.

The Sigma D25 borosilicate glass printing surface is a product compatible with the Sigma D25Epsilon W27 and Epsilon W50 3D printers.

Instead of metal positioners, the Sigma D25's printing surface has a calibration bracket that must always be positioned at the rear of the printer. The print bed is held in place with the help of rear and side clips.

Video 1: Installation of the printing surface in the Sigma D25 3D printer. Source: BCN3D.

Since the Sigma D25 printing surface is compatible with the Epsilon series 3D printers, the installation process of the surface follows the same steps.

Video 2: Installing the printing surface on the Epsilon series 3D printers. Source: BCN3D.

It must be ensured that the printing surface is centred, always with the same side up (this can be ensured by using a sticker to mark the usual orientation) and touching the rear clips. The side clips must always be completely closed, otherwise they may collide with other components of the 3D printer during the printing process.

It is recommended to use adhesives on glass printing surfaces. The appropriate adhesive should be chosen depending on the material used for 3D printing. Magigoo offers a range of adhesives for various polymers.

Manufacturer BCN3D Technologies
HS Code 8477.9

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