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Heat Break with HotEnd v6 1.75mm and 3mm.

The original Heat Break E3D is the piece that attaches the HotEnd diffuser to the heater block and at the same time guides the filament towards the nozzle.


E3D HotEnd v6 Original. Source: E3D


Since the v5 version, E3D has increased the manufacturing quality of this element of the HotEnd, since it is vital that the internal surface finish is the best possible to offer the minimum possible friction when the filament moves through the Heat Break. Apart from the above, an important feature that must be counted is the hardness of the material of the Heat Break itself. If it is a steel with low resistance to wear, the continuous friction of the filament would cause great wear in a short time, giving great problems during 3D printing, such as jams or discontinuous flow. This wear is greater when using abrasive filaments or containing fibers such as PLA Carbon Fiber or Nylon with Carbon Fiber (CF15), which is why E3D uses a high wear resistance steel to achieve a long life of the piece And provide the user with almost zero maintenance of the HotEnd.


E3D Heat Break Original

  • Manufacturer: E3D.

  • Model: Heat Break.

  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm o 3mm.


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