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Sharebot Snow White is the ideal 3D printer to get started in sintering technology (DLS).

The Sharebot Snow White is a professional 3D printer created by the experienced Italian company Sharebot. This 3D printer uses DLS technology (Direct Laser Sintering), based on the sintering of thermoplastic powders by means of a CO2 laser. The manufacture of the pieces is layer by layer, which allows creating objects freely and with great ease. This means that the Sharebot Snow White manufactures any piece, regardless of the geometric complexity and without the need for supports as in other technologies such as FDM or SLA. Another advantage of this DLS technology 3D printer is that the material left over from one print can be used again.

Thanks to its CO2 laser, this 3D DLS printer can use a wide range of professional thermoplastic materials (powder) very common in the industrial sector, such as PA12, PA11 or TPU. In addition, in particular and special cases, where higher mechanical properties are needed, the Sharebot Snow White allows to use powders modified with resistant particles (glass, carbon or aluminum). These powders can be from any manufacturer on the market, because Sharebot has joined the open philosophy to give users the freedom to use and test new materials (polymers) valid for sintering technology. With this philosophy any user can modify and search their own printing parameters to get the best properties, both mechanical and finishing.

Piece printed with PA12

Image 1: Piece printed with PA12. Source: Sharebot

The Sharebot Snow White is very simple to use, so simple that once you have prepared the print file and loaded the desired material into the printer, you only need a "click" to start the printing process completely automatically. Compared with other 3D printers in the same category, the first start is only in 10 minutes, which together with needing 300 gr of powder to start working, the time before the first layer is greatly reduced.

This 3D printer is developed to enable universities, research centers, small or medium manufacturing companies or technical laboratories, to manufacture parts economically, easily and efficiently combined with a professional and high quality finish. When older, the new materials development centers will be able to evaluate their materials, modifying the printing parameters to their liking.

Uniting all the above, the Sharebot Snow White is the ideal 3D printer to get started in sintering technology (DLS), manufacture of medium-sized parts and the development of new materials.

If you use any powder that is not Sharebot brand, consult the manufacturer of the material what are the generic printing parameters. Apart from these data, you must refine the configuration according to the geometry of the part and the necessary mechanical properties.

ModelSnow White
Fabricant Sharebot (Italy)
Technologie DLS 
Certificates -
Printer properties
Print volume 100 x 100 x 100 mm
Laser CO2 - 14 W
Print properties
Positioning resolution (XY) 100 µm
Positioning resolution (Z) 50 µm
Speed (Z axis) 35 mm/h
Scan speed 3500 mm/s
Max. temperature cabin 190 ºC
Maximum powder volume 300 g
Software and conectivity
Software -
Compatible files -
Conectivity -
Electrical properties
Input -
Output -
Consumption -
Dimesions and weight
Printer dimensions 500 x 500 x 800 mm
Printer weight -
HS Code 8477.5900

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