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Perfect universal glue to work with a wide variety of 3D printing materials.

The majority of users of 3D printers have been in the situation of having to join two pieces or repair the breakage of one. For this reason, AprintaPro has launched the PrintaGlue, a perfect universal glue to work with a variety of 3D printing materials.

On those occasions, in which a user is limited by the size of his 3D printer, he is forced to create pieces in several pieces and then join them together. Still before, when it came to joining several parts, there was the problem of what type of glue to use. With the launch of PrintaGlue all these problems have been eliminated thanks to the strength, quality and durability of the union it provides, being good even valid with flexible materials such as TPE or TPU.

The following table shows the power of union between the main materials used in 3D printing, such as PLA with PC-ABSABS with PETGPC with PETG CF and many more:

Table of power of union between materials

Image 1: Table of power of union between materials. Source: AprintaPro

The application of PrintaGlue is very simple. Before applying the adhesive, the areas that will be in contact must be cleaned, making sure they are free of dust, oils, grease and other types of contaminants. Once the areas are clean, the adhesive is applied sparingly on one of the sides, taking care to apply the right amount to avoid the adhesive protruding from the sides and solidifying on the face of the piece. Once applied, you must press the parts of the piece firmly for 30 seconds, checking at all times that the faces are aligned with each other. After 30 seconds it is no longer necessary to apply more pressure, the parts will stay together thanks to the action of PrintaGlue. AprintaPro recommends a total drying time of 24 hours, from which the union will be permanent and the piece will be ready for its functional purpose.

Instructions for use

Image 2: Instructions for use. Source: AprintaPro

Before applying PrintaGlue, the surfaces must be completely clean and free of oils, greases or similar substances. The adhesive should be applied on one side and immediately the two parts are joined. Once in contact, it is necessary to apply pressure for 30 seconds. After that time, AprintaPro recommends a total drying time of 24 hours.

Instructions for use

Imagen 1: Instrucciones de uso. Fuente: AprintaPro
Manufacturer AprintaPro
Quantity 10 ml
Total drying time 24 h
HS Code 3506.9
Hazard and precautionary statements Skin irritation
CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008. For more information, consult the product safety data sheet.

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