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Waterproofing valid for all existing materials for 3D printing.

In the world of 3D printing the fields of application are infinite and in very diverse environments, that's why Nanovia has created the Plastimperm F10, a waterproofing valid for all types of materials and specialized for 3D printing.

Plastimperm F10 is a water-based chemical compound with active ingredients specifically designed to repel water, solvents and oils. Thanks to the application of this waterproofing the pieces receive a preventive treatment against moisture, acetones, ethylene acetate, limonene, fuels and other petroleum derivatives, something very interesting in industrial fields where the elements manufactured by 3D FDM printing are in contact with fats and other common chemicals in industrial equipment.

Test with water and oil

Image 1: Test con agua y aceite. Source: Nanovia


Another interesting application is on pieces that are outdoors, exposed to rain and in contact with water. In this case, the water maintains its drop shape and slides freely through the thin film that creates the Plastimperm F10 on the pieces in which it has been applied. The same happens with the stains, the molecules that form the stain don't adhere to the surface of the pieces, making cleaning as easy as possible. A greater pieces of manufactured in polyamide waterproofed with this product gain surface resistance.

Test at the initial moment of several liquids on specimens (PLA, ABS, Flex TPU, Flex TPE)

Image 2: Test at the initial moment of several liquids on specimens (PLAABS, Flex TPU, Flex TPE). Source: Nanovia


Test after 1:30h of several liquids on test pieces (PLA, ABS, Flex TPU, Flex TPE)

Image 3: Test after 1:30h of several liquids on test pieces (PLA, ABS, Flex TPU, Flex TPE). Source: Nanovia


The way of use is very simple. Initially it'is necessary to have the piece to be waterproofed clean and free of dust, grease and derivatives. Once the piece is cleaned, the can is shaken to ensure that the Plastimperm F10 is perfectly mixed and you can proceed to spray the product on the piece. Once assured that the piece is completely covered, it needs a 12 hour drying so that the Plastimperm F10 layer is complemented dry and uniform. In very porous pieces it may be necessary to apply up to 3 layers. The application of this product can be done with a sprayer (chemically compatible), with a brush, a sponge or even by bath (small parts), but always making sure that the application is uniform and throughout the surface of the piece.

This product doesn't affect the appearance of the piece, doesn't change the color, brightness or modify the structure after drying. Once applied, no post-processing can be done (sanding, painting, gluing and etc). The effect of the Plastimperm F10 remains at least 1 year (except in very abrasive external exposure conditions). When a decrease in the waterproofing effect is detected, the part must be cleaned and the Plastimperm F10 reapplied.

The Plastimperm F10 isn't classified as a hazardous liquid with respect to the current European REACH regulation laws. Although it's water based and isn't harmful to the skin, it's recommended to wear gloves and safety glasses to be fully protected against an accident.

The application must be continuous, uniform and making sure that the entire piece has a layer of Plastimperm F10.

The way to apply this product can be by means of the sprayer that is included, with a brush or roller, or by bath (small pieces). In the first case it can be sprayed directly on the piece and then it must dry for 12 hours. With the brush method you must apply a generous amount and two or three layers to ensure total waterproofing. Finally, for small pieces it's recommended to immerse them in a bath of Plastimperm F10 for 1 or 2 minutes and let them dry 24 hours. Drying times may vary depending on the temperature.

The Plastimperm F10 retains its qualities for a year if stored in the original containers at temperatures of 4 to 45ºC.

Manufacturer Nanovia
Quantity 500 ml
HS Code 3809.9
Hazard and precautionary statements Skin irritation
CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008. For more information, consult the product safety data sheet.

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