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Compact, powerful ultrasonic cutter with 5 blades, 3 cutting modes, and wide material compatibility.

CtrlAX by Cutra is a handy ultrasonic cutter operating with a speed of 40 000 vibrations per second. It is a compact and light device since the base only measures 198 x 72 x 90 mm and weighs less than 500 g, and the cutting pen itself measures 25 x 113 mm and weighs about 80 g.

Video 1: The CtrlAX ultrasonic cutter. Source: Cutra.

The design of CtrlAX is delicate and elegant but hides great cutting power with maximizied efficiency and minimized energy loss. CtrlAX is inspired by cutting technologies uesd in advanced industries such as automobile manufacturing or injection factories. 

The CtrlAX can cut a wide variety of materials

Image 1: The CtrlAX can cut a wide variety of materials. Source: Cutra. 

CtrlAX was designed to work with many materials, surpassing even Wondercutter that can only work with paper and plastic. The compatible materials are ABS, PLA, resin, carbon fiber, acrylic, vacuum former sheets, MDF, plywood, PVC foam board, leather, rubber and PCB. The CtrlAX cutter is equipped with 5 different specialistic blades than enable excellent results with whatever task and material the user chooses:

  1. CX-Basic - compatible with most materials.

    The CX-Basic blade

    Image 2: The CX-Basic blade. Source: Cutra. 
  2. CX-Dig - this L-shaped blade makes it easier to dig up plastic.

    The CX-Dig blade

    Image 3: The CX-Dig blade. Source: Cutra. 
  3. CX-Half - its front part is narrower, making it suitable for delicate work as well as welding small plastic pieces.

    The CX-Half blade

    Image 4: The CX-Half blade. Source: Cutra. 
  4. CX-Long - the blade has a shape similar to CX-basic but it is longer. Great for thick but soft materials.

    The CX-Long blade

    Image 5: The CX-Long blade. Source: Cutra. 
  5. CX-Saw - best for wood and plasters.

    The CX-Saw blade

    Image 6: The CX-Saw blade. Source: Cutra. 

CtrlAX has 3 power modes: eco, comfort and sport. Eco mode  is recommended for cutting thin and soft materials (leather, paperboard, soft resin), comfort mode is best for the processing of thick and soft or firm and thin materials, and sport mode is suitable for thick and firm materials such as hard resin or carbon fibers.

The 3 cutting modes of CtrlAX

Image 7: The 3 cutting modes of CtrlAX. Source: Cutra. 

The CtrlAX ultrasonic cutter can also be used in the continuous mode. This working mode makes it possible to use the cutter for extended periods of time without having to keep the button pressed all the time.

The CtrlAX has a continuous mode useful in detailed projects

Image 8: The CtrlAX has a continuous mode useful in detailed projects. Source: Cutra. 

This is especially helpful in tasks that are very detailed and require freguent changes of the handle's angle. To activate the continuous mode the user only has to hold the button on the handle while keeping the button on the CtrlAX body pressed.

The anatomy of CtrlAX

Image 9: The anatomy of CtrlAX. Source: Cutra. 

The CtrlAX ultrasonic cutter is not only versatile but also safe and easy to use. The operation of the device is very simplified, with only a few buttons to cotrol the device and with easy blade change. CtrlAX is also very quiet and can be used by any user profile thanks to its ergonomic design that does not require strength or a very strong grip.


This professional ultrasonic cutter by Cutra is suitable for many tasks thanks to its compact format and ease of use combined with superior cutting strength and efficiency. CtrlAX can be used not only in DIY, crafting and modeling projects (cosplay, wood carving, leather crafts, vacuum forming, die-casting, etc.) but also for the post-processing of plastics in the manufacturing and 3D printing industry, as well as in the dental sector for the trimming of resins and dental plasters.

Detailed instructions on how to assemble and use the CtrlAX ultrasonic cutter are provided in the User Manual in the Downloads section.

Manufacturer Cutra Co Ltd.
Oscillation frequency 40 KHz
Dimensions of the station 198 x 72 x 90 mm
Dimensions of the pen 25 x 113 mm
Weight of the station About 435 g
Weight of the pen About 80 g
Maximum energy consumption Approx. 45 W
Adapter 24 V, 2 A
Voltage 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Storage temperature 0-35 ℃
HS Code 8509.8
Box contents 1x CtrlAX
40x CX-Basic blades
2x CX-Dig blades
2x CX-Half blades
2x CX-Long blades
2x CX-Saw blades
1x Torque spanner
1x Adapter
1x Gloves
1x Manual


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