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Washing and curing stations for the post-processing of resin parts.

The Phrozen Wash & Cure Kit is a powerful yet compact solution for the easy and quick post-processing of parts 3D printed with resin, especially on printers with a 10" build plate.

Phrozen Wash

The Phrozen Wash washing station is equipped with an 8 L washing bucket and a bottom propeller that generates a powerful vortex that delicately cleans models without causing damage to the details. This washing station is especially handy for users of printers with 10" build plates, such as Sonic Mighty 8K.

For smaller build plates (e.g. for Sonic 4K 2022 Dental or Sonic Mighty 4K) the provided basket holder should be used and for build plates bigger than 10" (e.g. Sonic Mega 8K), the prints should be placed directly in the cleaning basket, like so:

How to use Phrozen Wash with different build plate sizes

Image 1: How to use Phrozen Wash with different build plate sizes. Source: Phrozen.

Phrozen Wash is equipped with a setting knob that helps adjust the washing time, pause the washing or reset the timer. The remaining washing time is shown on a display on the front of the device. The Phrozen Wash station is compatible with IPA alcohol or other authorized cleaning liquids. For optimal results, the cleaning solution should be replaced regularly.

Phrozen Cure

After being washed, the parts must be placed in Phrozen Cure for post-curing. The most valuable feature of the Phrozen Cure station is that apart from curing the models, it also dries them. The device is equipped with a dual fan system with a drying mode, which makes it possible to place the parts right out of the washing station into the curing station, and have them dried and cured in one go. The curing station's user interface makes it possible to choose from three options: just UV curing, just drying or both at once.

Video 1: The Phrozen Wash & Cure kit. Source: Phrozen.

Similarly to the washing station, the curing station displays the remaining curing time and the curing process can be stopped at any time. With 405 nm UV lights radiating from the back and under the models, the curing station ensures extra effective curing without unevennes or stickiness. For safety reasons, the Phrozen Cure station comes with an acrylic cover that should never be lifted or removed when curing is in progress. It is also crucial to use adequate personal protection equipment when post-processing parts 3D printed with resin.

Efficient post-processing

The Phrozen Wash & Cure kit saves the user a signigficant amount of time in the post-processing workflow. The smart design of both the washing and the curing device allows for an efficient and thorough washing and a quick curing without the need to dry the parts before placing them in the curing machine.

The Phrozen Wash and Cure machines should always be placed on a clean and level surface, and protective equipment should always be worn when handling the machines, any liquids and the parts. The user should never remove the cover of the Cure machine while the curing is in process or remove the parts from the washing bucket when the washing process is in progress. No liquids other than authorized resin cleaning fluids should ever be introduced into the wash bucket.

More detailed instructions on how to use the Phrozen Wash & Cure Kit can be found in the manual in the Downloads section.

ModelPhrozen Wash & Cure
Manufacturer Phrozen
UV light 405 nm
Weight Phrozen Wash: 3.5 kg
Phrozen Cure: 3.9 kg
Size of Phrozen Wash 277 x 207 x 467 mm
Washing bucket volume 8 L
Maximum model size 218 x 123 x 235 mm
Size of Phrozen Cure 354 x 309 x 368 mm
Turntable size Ø 196 mm
Maximum model size Ø 250 x 235 mm
Input 24 VCD
Power 48 W


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