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    Polycarbonate filament is extremely strong, durable and impact resistant. 

    Polycarbonate filament (PC) is extremely strong, durable and impact resistant. Today it´s one of the most common thermoplastics in the manufacture of electronics, appliance housings, CDs, toys, etc. One of the biggest barriers PC to the moment when introduced into FDM 3D printing was its high melting point. However with this Polycarbonate filament you can print at a temperature of between 250 and 285ºC that make it accessible for a variety of FDM 3D printers.

    PC is a very rigid and resistant thermoplastic with high impact resistance, good fire resistance, which greatly supports contact with oils, greases and solvents with low deformation and withstands temperatures of about 100 °C without deformation. It also presents a good transparency, it is considered a good electrical insulator and holds up well be exposed to weathering and sunlight.

    In too humid environments PC filament may absorb moisture and present problems when printing. These problems can lead to poor quality prints. Therefore it is advisable that the PC filament remains in an airtight bag with a silica bag while it is printing is not possible to avoid contact with moisture.

    Optimal print temperature is between 250C and 285C. PC filament has an upper warping effect with respect to the ABS. You need to print it with a bed temperature of 110-130 ºC. It is imperative that you use BuildTak, Kapton Tape or 3DLac so the pieces do not tend to detach from the base. As for the interior temperature which is printed it is recommended to be controlled and there are no drafts.

    • Plastic type: Polycarbonate.
    • Place of manufacture: Europe, with the most sophisticated current manufacturing technologies.
    • Color: Natural
    • Diameter: 1.75mm or 3mm
    • Length: 110 meters (3mm) and 300 meters (1.75mm)
    • Tolerance (maximum) diameter: ± 0.05mm
    • Nozzle Temperature / Printing temperature: 250-285ºC
    • Temperature bed based printing: 110-100ºC
    • Spool Diameter: 200 mm
    • Spool width: 55 mm
    • Inner hole diameter: 40 mm
    • Net Weight: 750 gr
    • HS Code: 3916.9


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