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    BASF debinding & sintering voucher (1 kg)



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    Debinding and sintering service for BASF Ultrafuse metal filaments.

    BASF, one of the largest and most prestigious multinationals in the chemical sector, has committed to additive manufacturing through the Forward-AM brand and its Ultrasint, Ultrafuse and Ultracure lines. It currently has an extensive catalogue of materials for the main 3D printing technologies, including its renowned metallic filaments.

    One of the advantages of Ultrafuse metal filaments is that they can be complemented with BASF's debinding and sintering service. This service is provided by ELNIK, a leading manufacturer of debinding and sintering equipment, in cooperation with BASF.

    The debinding and sintering service is valid for both Ultrafuse 316L and Ultrafuse 17-4PH. This service cannot be used with filaments from other manufacturers.

    How it works

    BASF's debinding and sintering service is voucher-based. Each voucher purchased entitles the processing of a maximum of 1 kg of parts and includes the cost of returning the processed parts, which will be added at the end of the voucher purchase process.

    Each voucher can be used to send an unlimited number of pieces as long as they meet the following requirements:

    • The total weight of the pieces may not exceed 1 kg.
    • The maximum dimensions of each piece may not exceed 100 x 100 x 100 mm*.
    • All parts must be made of the same material.

    Deliveries of more than 1 kg are possible, provided that enough coupons have been purchased to cover the total weight.

    Debinding and sintering is always carried out on Tuesdays and every two weeks. Every Tuesday all pieces received before the previous Friday will be processed. All parts received thereafter will be processed in the next cycle, two weeks later.


    Image 1: Calendar of days on which parts are processed**.

    The whole process takes 2-3 days, so the sintered parts will usually be sent back to the customer on the Friday of the week in which the treatment is carried out.

    How to use the Voucher

    In the case that you want to send pieces with a total weight of more than 1 kg, it will be necessary to fill in as many forms as vouchers are required, each one with a different voucher number.

    Using the vouchers is very simple, just fill in the form available in the download tab by entering the voucher number (previously provided by filament2print) and send it together with the parts (clean and protected) to the address indicated on the form (Germany). Important: Shipping to Elnik Systems is at the customer's expense.

    To complete the form you will need a voucher code from filament2print which will include the cost of returning the processed parts to the customer's facilities.

    Two forms are available, one for parts printed with Ultrafuse 316L and one for parts printed with Ultrafuse 17-4PH. All parts to be processed with the same voucher must be printed with the same material, if you wish to process parts made of both materials, they must be separated and sent with different vouchers.

    Thanks to the combination of BASF's Ultrafuse metal filaments and the debinding and sintering service, 3D printing of steels is easily and affordably available to everyone.

    *Larger parts may be shipped with ELNIK's prior approval. To do so, please contact them before sending the parts.
    **Calendar indicative, may be subject to change.
    Este producto es un bono en forma de código canjeable que da derecho al servicio de debinding y sinterizado de filamentos metálicos de BASF Ultrafuse.
    This service is not provided by filament2print.com and is provided by ELNIK Systems GmbH. The entire process has been validated and approved by BASF, however, the success of the process is highly dependent on the geometry, dimensions and printing conditions of the part. It is therefore recommended to read carefully all the information available in the BASF Ultrafuse metal filaments user guide and to follow the manufacturer's recommendations faithfully.
    There is a risk of failure and some of the parts may not present the expected finishes or even fragment during the process. This is usually a consequence of defects during printing, poor adhesion of layers or inadequate geometries. The risk of failure increases depending on the volume or complexity of the parts. By purchasing this voucher, the customer understands and assumes this risk and filament2print.com does not guarantee that returned parts will meet the customer's standards or expectations. In the event of any claim of this nature the customer should contact directly the company responsible for providing the service: ELNIK Systems GmbH.


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