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  • Taulman Nylon 645 Natural

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    It has a greater resistance than Taulman Nylon 618 filament at the cost of reduced flexibility.

    Nylon, also called polyamide (PA), is a synthetic plastic, which is very common in a wide range of products. But, in this case, it is about a nylon especially designed for being used in 3D printers. With Taulman Nylon 645, you will obtain flexible but resistant objects.

    Besides, by using clothing dye, colour can be directly applied on this filament. In this way, figures in many combined colours can be obtained. We recommend you reading about this matter in our forum if you want further information about how to apply colour to the nylon. Nylon, also called polyamide (PA) is a common synthetic plastic in a variety of products.

    Taulman Nylon 645 is designed specifically for 3D printing applications being easy to print unlike other generic nylon filaments that can be found on the market. Taulman Nylon 645 has excellent adhesion to the surface, reducing water absorption and the tear strength. Taulman Nylon 645 is finished in bright natural white color having a translucent surface (65% transparency). With Taulman Nylon 645 you can get flexible objects, but that also have a high resistance.

    In addition to this filament is you can apply color directly with a dye for clothes, thus figures can be obtained even in multiple colors combined. If you want to get really spectacular finishes can apply specifically coating designed for 3D printing such as XTC-3D.

    Nylon Taulman 645 has properties superior to Taulman 618 Nylon resistance expense of being 20% ​​less flexible. You can get as strong pieces such as injection molded parts. Also don´t emit smoke in print and machinability. Has the same chemical resistance than nylon Taulman 618 but is also 20% more resistant to chlorine. It is a polymer widely used in the industry for its high durability.

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