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  • Taulman PCTPE

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    Taulman PCPE is an extremely flexible and resistant filament.

    Taulman PCPE is an extremely flexible and resistant filament. It is based on the combination of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and a base of nylon (copolymer) material.This unique combination allows the material is highly flexible, with high durability and a great bond between layers.

    Unlike other nylon materials, Taulman PCTPE has a low temperature printing, causing it very easy to print with it in any 3D printer.

    Taulman PCTPE combines high flexibility with minimal elasticity. It really is a breakthrough because it is the first material of these features with properties that make printing to any user with a common 3D (FDM/FFF) printer because it drastically reduces warping.

    Taulman PCTPE is extremely resistant because excellent form junctions between layers, and that is why they can withstand being flexed in many ways without losing its strength properties. All these advantages joins maintaining the values ​​of durability of nylon. Also the finish is similar to the soft texture bright nylon.
    Using Taulman PCTPE is very useful for applications that require flexibility, but low elasticity and high strength such as timing belts, flexible hinges, flexible casings, bags or containers, shoe insoles, clothing, etc.
    It also allows tinting thereof with any acid dye based color (RITT), with an application for 5 minutes at 70 °.
    If the Taulman PCTPE for use in shoes or prosthesis is used, it is also possible to apply an acid-based antimicrobial coating.

    The main advantages of Taulman PCTPE are:

    • Flexibility: Most flexible filaments that are offered on the market are truly complex filaments print them because of the great variability of flexibility to depend on many parameters. The revolutionary filament to market just Taulman PCTPE provides the user with a wide range of design flexibility based primarily on the size of the nozzle, the number of perimeters and internal filler percentage. Taulman PCTPE is an easy material to print fulfill a long list of user requirements.

    • Ease of use: The new formula Taulman based on the addition of TPE with a new nylon lower temperature, places the Taulman PCTPE as an easy strand print as the ABS itself, with a truly simple configuration and a temperature of print 230 °.

    • Great bonding between layers: Taulman PCTPE ensures excellent adhesion between the layers of parts.

    • Usable Texture: As is known texture nylon being a pleasant touch material, Taulman PCTPE further enhances this soft texture to the touch than is the key to the use of this material on current garments that make that are truly comfortable when in contact with the body.

    Nylon PCTPE Data Sheet_EN

    Nylon PCTPE Data sheet in English

    Nylon PCTPE Safety Data Sheet_EN

    Nylon PCTPE Safety Data Sheet in English

    It recommends print with a temperature of the extruder to 240ºC and with the base of the printer (heatplate) to a temperature of 50ºC. It is important to have the base of 3D printer a BuildTak for minimize warping efect. In case that it use PVA at the same time, advises that the temperature of the extruder of the PVA was to 180ºC.

    • Plastic Type: Nylon (PA) + TPE
    • Manufacturing location: USA by Taulman
    • Color: Bright  White
    • Transparency: 91% opacity
    • Diameter: 1.75mm or 3mm
    • Ideal temperature nozzle (printing): 235-242 ºC
    • Thermal degradation temperature: 312 °C
    • Glass transition temperature (Tg): 74 °C
    • Melting Point: 203 °C
    • Printing base temperature: 50ºC
    • Net Weight: 450g (1lb)
    • Maximum elongation: 497%
    • Tensile Stress "PSI": 5043 lb (2290kgf)
    • Food use: Not approved
    • Flammability: Yes (UL 94 HB)
    • Spool diameter: 200mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 130mm (Ø 3mm)
    • Spool Width: 50mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 70mm (Ø 3mm)
    • Inside hole diameter: 50mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 19mm (Ø 3mm)
    • Shipping Weight: 0.75Kg
    • Shipping Dimensions: 200x50x50mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 135x135x80mm (Ø 3mm)
    • HS Code: 3916.9
    • Odors and fumes: Absence of smoke and odors when printing.
    • Shrinkage: Negligible

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