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  • Taulman nylon Bridge

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    Highly improved nylon filament, with high resistance and flexibility, and at a reduced price.

    Taulman nylon Bridge (or polyamide) is a plastic of high available quality for the 3D printing. It is born with the end to be a filament “Bridge or union” between the high resistance and flexibility of the Taulman Nylon 645 and the price reduced of the ABS and the thermoplastic PLA. It is practically the same of resistant that the Taulman Nylon 645 but to his time is very flexible. It allows to any user print pieces with these characteristics of resistance and flexibility to an affordable price surpassing the current barriers of other filaments of nylon. This filament of nylon is produced by Taulman 3D especially for the 3D printed.

    The main characteristics of the Taulman nylon Bridge are the following:

    • Greater adherence of the layer to the base of prints: One of the big advantages regarding other filaments nylon of other manufacturers is that introduce a big adherence to the base of print.
    • Decrease of the absorption of humidity: Although it is not possible to delete of the all the catchment of humidity in the 3D printing  with Taulman Nylon locates this humidity in the surface of the piece, so that the piece does not require to be subjected to processes of dried after the print.
    • Reduction of the warping: The same process that reduces the catchment of humidity helps to reduce the warping. This is especially important since the Nylon has a sensitivity to the greater shrinkage that the ABS, by what the warping will be one of the greater factors to watch when it prints with Nylon. Nylon Taulman Reduces considerably this effect.
    • Transparency: Nylon Bridge has an opacity of 68%. To the equal that Taulman Nylon 645, Taulman Nylon Bridge allows, thanks to his transparency, the visual inspection of parts printed. Being transparent, Taulman nylon Bridge and Taulman 645, allow the no destructive evaluation of the piece, even in his interior. If what looks for is a total transparency has to choose the Taulman T-Glase since it is his main virtue.

    Besides it presents a practically invalid contraction, by what is besides a good material to print big pieces.

    It is advisable that the printer dock is warm with placing BuildTak or Kapton Tape for which adheres well and thus achieve a better result print (Minimize the most of the warping effect). The recommended temperature of 252 ° C extruder is.

    During the printing process can you see smoke coming from the extruder, do not panic, it's just water vapor. This is because the nylon has a great capacity to absorb moisture. For this reason we recommend that after use in your 3D printer save your spool nylon bag with the absorbent silica in the original bag. Close the bag so that it is the best possible sealed and store in a dry place.

    • Plastic Type: Nylon (PA)
    • Manufacturing location: USA by Taulman
    • Resistance: Very High
    • Colour: White
    • Transparency: 68% Opacity
    • Diameter: 1.75mm or 3mm
    • Ideal temperature nozzle (printing): 252 °C
    • Print temperature range: 250-255 °C
    • Thermal degradation temperature: 360 °C
    • Glass transition temperature (Tg): 52 °C
    • Melting point: 217 °C
    • Printing base temperature: 30-65ºC
    • Speed: 28 mm/s to 34 mm/s. As the height of the layer exceeds 50% of the diameter of the nozzle, the printing speed should be adjusted downward (10% -20%).
    • Net Weight: 450g (1lb)
    • Maximum elongation: 186%
    • Tensile Stress "PSI": 4800 lb
    • Food use: Not approved
    • Flammability: Yes (UL 94 HB)
    • Spool diameter: 200mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 130mm (Ø 3mm)
    • Spool Width: 50mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 70mm (Ø 3mm)
    • Inside hole diameter: 50mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 19mm (Ø 3mm)
    • Shipping Weight: 0.75Kg
    • Shipping Dimensions: 200x50x50mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 135x135x80mm (Ø 3mm)
    • HS Code: 3916.9
    • Odors and fumes: Absence of smoke and odors when printing.
    • Shrinkage: Negligible

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