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Nozzles available in brass and hardened steel for Raise3D Pro 2/Pro 3/E2 printers.

Brozzl is a company founded in Austria in 2019 with the aim of producing spare parts and upgrades for 3D printing. Focused on the production of high quality nozzles, Brozzl excels in manufacturing its nozzles in Europe using high precision machining and following the strictest quality controls. As a result, all Brozzl nozzles have a tolerance of ±0.01 mm and a concentricity of less than 20 µm. Compatible with the vast majority of hotends on the market, Brozzl nozzles have an excellent surface finish, with an internal roughness (Ra) of less than 0.4. This guarantees maximum print quality and a better surface finish of the parts.

Precision milling cutters used by Brozzl

Image 1: Precision milling cutters used by Brozzl. Source:

Brozzl's Raise 3D Pro2/Pro3/E2 series nozzles are, as the name suggests, suitable for the Pro2, Pro 3 and E2 printers from the Raise 3D company.

Raise3D is a worldwide FDM 3D printer brand that is dedicated to developing and manufacturing multi-purpose, easy-to-use printers. The Pro2 Series features two rugged, multi-material, electronically driven dual extruder, easy-to-use 3D printers. The two models belonging to Raise3D's Pro3 Series feature a robust all-metal structure that allows for smooth and precise movement during the 3D printing process. The E2 is an IDEX extrusion printer with a large build volume and intuitive operation.

Brozzl nozzles for Raise3D Pro 2/Pro 3/E2 printers are available in 2 materials:

  • Brass
  • Hardened steel

Brass nozzles

They are the most common and popular nozzles. Economically priced and with very positive characteristics, brass nozzles are the ideal choice for working with materials such as ABS, PLA or PETG. As well as conducting heat perfectly without corroding, the material has a smooth surface with a low tendency for plastic to stick, ensuring excellent print quality.

The most important features of Brozzle brass nozzles are as follows:

  • High heat resistance

  • Smooth finish
  • Non-stick
  • Tolerance: ± 0,01 mm
  • Concentricity: ≤ 0,02 mm
  • Internal bore roughness: ≤ Ra0,4

Its main disadvantage is its low resistance to abrasion, which, when working with metal, wood or carbon filaments, decreases the life of the part.

Hardness 1/5
Thermal expansion 5/5
Thermal conductivity 2/5
Maximum temperature 3/5

Nozzle Raise3D made of brass

Image 2: Nozzle Raise3D made of brass. Source: Brozzl.

Hardened steel nozzles

The hardened steel nozzles are incredibly robust. They are the ideal choice when processing abrasive materials on a regular basis. Carbon fibre or glass fibre reinforced filaments, metallic or ceramic filaments or decorative filaments such as those that glow in the dark or contain stone particles. Hardened steel hardly wears at all.

However, their enormous hardness is not the only advantage that makes them stand out. They also have excellent high-temperature behaviour, sufficient to be able to print with almost any filament.

The most important features of Brozzle's hardened steel nozzles are as follows:

  • Very high heat resistance

  • Smooth finish
  • Non-stick
  • Tolerance: ± 0,01 mm
  • Concentricity: ≤ 0,02 mm
  • Internal bore roughness: ≤ Ra0,4

Its main disadvantage is its lower thermal conductivity compared to the brass nozzle, so it will take longer to reach the desired temperature.

Hardness 4/5
Thermal expansion 2/5
Thermal conductivity 1/5
Maximum temperature 4/5
Nozzl Raise3D made of hardened steel
Image 3: Nozzl Raise3D made of hardened steel. Source: Brozzl.

The brass and hardened steel nozzles are available in 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm sizes.

Thanks to Brozzl, users of Raise3D Pro 2/Pro 3/E2 printers have a wide variety of nozzles to meet virtually any need.

The nozzle of a 3D printer, like any element that is in contact with another material, is subject to wear and tear with use, which varies depending on the nozzle material and the type of filament used. A worn nozzle can cause malformations and poor surface finishes on the printed parts, so it is recommended to replace it with a new one as soon as this problem is detected. To reduce wear when working with abrasive loaded filaments, it is advisable to use a hardened steel nozzle.

After 3D printing with abrasive materials, it is advisable to remove the filament and insert the Smart Clean cleaning filament in its place to avoid subsequent clogging. In addition, it is always recommended to use a size of at least 0.6 mm when printing with fibre-reinforced materials.

Molten plastic tends to stick to the surface of hardened steel nozzles, so it is recommended to apply a coat of plastic repellent paint.

Manufacturer Brozzl
Material Brass and hardened steel
Type Raise 3D Pro2/Pro 3/E2
Filament diameter 1.75
Nozzle diameter Brass : 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm
Hardened steel : 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm
HS Code 8477.9


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