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Non-stick coating to keep the metal components of the hotend clean.

The plastic repellent paint is an innovative product developed by Slice Engineering, a company known for manufacturing the high performance Mosquito and Copperhead hotends.

It is an aqueous paint based on a nanosuspension of Teflon particles that can be applied to any metallic surface. When dry, it forms a solid, transparent layer of PTFE that prevents molten plastic residues from adhering to the surface.

dirty nozzle

Image 1: Dirty nozzle and heating block. Source:

The importance of keeping the nozzle and heating block clean is not only due to aesthetic issues. When plastic melts accumulate on the outside of the nozzle and heater block, they can be dislodged during printing and become deposited on the surface of the part, damaging the part's finish.

This product has been formulated to achieve an excellent bond with the metal, considerably increasing its durability. It can also withstand temperatures of up to 290ºC, which is sufficient for the most common materials.

Slice Engineering's non-stick paint comes in a 3 mL can with a convenient brush applicator. It is as easy to use as applying a layer with the brush on the surface of the components when they are at room temperature and heating the hotend up to 150 ºC to evaporate the water and achieve the solid coating.


Image 2: Application of non-stick paint on a nozzle. Source:

Slice Engineering's plastic repellent paint is an ideal choice for keeping nozzles and heating block in perfect condition, avoiding plastic debris that can impair print quality.

The product should always be applied with the hotend cold. Once applied, it is recommended to heat the hotend up to 150 ºC for a few minutes so that the product dries completely.

It is very important not to heat the hotend to temperatures above 190 ºC, as the degradation of PTFE can produce harmful vapours.

Manufacturer Miller Stephenson
Quantity 3 mL
HS Code 3809.9
Danger and Caution Warnings

Irritación cutáneaMay cause severe eye irritation. For more information, refer to the safety data sheet.


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